Thursday, April 1, 2010

*ell, you *in this round, ni**er

Been havin* fun, han*in* out *ith lots of different folks. Today is April fools day, and someone tried to s*itch the "double u" and the letter bet*een F and H as a joke. *hat they actually accomplished *as breakin* those t*o letters and made them totally unusable. Not sure if "unusable" is a *ord, but there it is either *ay.


Greg said...

Been having fun, hanging out with lots of different folks. Today is April fools day, and someone tried to switch the "double u" and the letter between F and H as a joke. that they actually accomplished was breaking those two letters and made them totally unusable. Not sure if "unusable" is a word, but there it is either way.

Greg said...

Sorry, I took in a seminar a couple weeks ago, and I could not help myself!

Explore the history of cryptography and how cryptography is used today to secure data.

Greg said...

Happy Easter Jazzy" ! ! !"

Your Dad

Anonymous said...

Michelle, you don't know me, but how come u don't let greg see his child. Is your family keeping you from letting him see Jazzie? Is this the same family that left you to rot in the mean streets of south florida, for all those years? I'm sorry to say this, but they seem like real scum...

Greg said...

Thanks Anonymous, but I believe that Michelle's family tried to help, but Michelle was not ready to be helped.

Although, every family is disfunctional in some way!

Also, Michelle is the one keeping me from seeing Jazzy; she does not need her family's permission, for her and Jazzy to see me!

Anonymous said...

Are you still living with your parents, whom sent you to live in a school and before that to live with a relative, Shelly?

I got the impression that your mom did not want you in the same house as your father...what changed?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous have you not been reading? Michelle has cleaned up her act, she is a mother to a beautiful child and is going back to school. Why in the world would you try to bash her family?
Greg is an idiot and she knows darn well to stay away from him. Give the girl some credit, she has come such a long way. Not alot of people can do what she did and turn their life around.
It was Michelles choice to be on the "mean" streets of south FL, Greg was right by saying "I believe that Michelle's family tried to help, but Michelle was not ready to be helped."

CindyB1 said...

Hey Everyone! I have always been positive about what Michelle chooses to do in the past. This time I think that Michelle and Greg should "bury the hatchet" so to speak so Jazzy can see her Daddy. Michelle and Greg don't have to love each other to love their child. Mom and Dad figures are very important to a developing child. I hope they can work it out for Jazzy's sake.

Anonymous said...

is greg the father? no michelle is doing a fabulous job. her parents have always been there for her and she knows it. It was her choice to do what she did. Her parents have been extremely supportive $ as well as emotionally. Yes, they have rules but they are in no way torturing her, and they adore that baby. Forget the critics, your parents adore you michelle and have proven themselves over and over again. The baby has an adoring extended family as well.

Greg said...

I fell in love with Michelle, when I first met her on the street. She was still living with Micheal at the time. I found her to be a beautiful person, both inside and out, During those three years, I made every attempt to help her quit the drugs and I never saw her family, They had left her for dead.

When she became pregnant, I talked to her family, and tryed to convince them that she was trying to quit drugs for the baby and that she needed a place to live. They reluntantly agreed.

My first impression of Michelle's family, was that they were very educated but lack any common sense. Michelle is the one who made up for this(she recieved it all, when God handed it out).

During Michelle's pregnancy and the first year of Jazzy life, I devoted all my time, to her every wish. Her familly would constantly lie to me about everything, if I called to talk to Michelle and was on my way over her house, they would say she was not home, but when I got there, who did I see?

My attempt at advising Michelle on raising Jazzy, was disputed on every occasion by her family. My only wish, was that Jazzy, would not suffer some of the same fate that Michelle had to endure during her childhood and to be there for my daughter in her time of need. Needless to say, her family disagreed. They would say that I have no children and that they knew best, I didn't have the right to be the father.

As Paul Harvey used to say, and the rest of the story, after the station brake ! !

Yesterday, I took my algebra exam, drum roll please, 96. Not bad for a tenth grade drop out, from trade school no less.

Michelle said...

You know, rehashing stuff that pissed me off a year ago ("omg your family is LYING TO ME!!!!!11!!") is not a way to get me to want to call you. If I'm not mistaken, that stupid whiny shit is why we stopped hanging out in the first place. Look forward not back, dude.

And I don't live with my parents anymore. I do what I want when I want, and my only boss is Jazzie. And my boss at work, of course. :)

Greg said...

I don't Whine, Michelle, never have and never will!! I have said, "I am wrong," when I was wrong about something.

If you don't think that I have the right to see my daughter, and my daughter does not have the right to see her father, Then don't call!!

If you call stating the facts and being concerned about my daughter, whining, please, look in the dictionary.

Q: What did the cop say to the bad popsicle?

A: Freeze !!!

Greg said...

Look it up in the dictionary that I brought for you.

And Stop calling me dude, wench.

Greg said...

I don't like being lied to,called an idiot,hung up on the phone, sworn at, not allowed to see Jazzy, had the police called on me cause I was concern about my daughter, and told that your parents will raise Jazzy as they see fit.

This is why I stopped seeing you.

You are definitely not the person I fell in love with and had a child with, Wench.

Anonymous said...

you're lying greg, her family never gave up hope, and certainly never left her for dead. quit your bitching!

Greg said...

I don't lie, that's why I hate it so much. and stop giving my kid the gum nummbing pharmaceutic's, she will lose her taste buds, like Luke. Also, talk to Michelle as an adult, and don't lie to her, this does nothing but make a sane person go nuts (and cause her to lie right back), she can handle the true and will grow as a person(Yes, I know you did not give up on your kid, just Like I am not giving up on Jazzy).

Michelle, I told you the reasons why I stop seeing you, for this reason, 95% was not because of anything you did.

Now, call me and let me see my kid Yes,You are the same person, I fell in love with, beautiful both inside and out.

Anonymous said...

Shelly, You don't live on your own---the state pays your bills---you do qualify for housing. Your parents use you and your child as a tax right off...don't let them bullshit you.

Let greg see his kid, I mean what the f### Shelly (omg)

Anonymous said...

And Why are you not allowing me to see Jazzy?

Greg said...

Let me get this straignt, You are not going to let me see my daughter because:A I don't like your family or B your family don't like me?

Q:What is the difference between outlaws and in-laws?

A:Outlaws are Wanted.

Paul Harvey said...

And The Rest Of The Story

There were four promises made by Michelle and your Parents to Me, before Jazzy was born:

Michelle(AKA, Gorgeous):I stated to you than relationships never last and that if I was unable to see my kid after the break up, it would hurt me terrible. You said,"u would never do that to me".

Parents:I stated to them, due to the economic down turn, that I was unable to financially support Michelle and the baby(no job), could they help out with her and the baby living in their house? They said, "Yes, and that I would be able to see my child 24/7".

Parents: I stated that it would be difficult, because as the grandparents, they might also believe, that they would be Jazzy parents, but that me and Michelle are actually Jazzy's parents, They said, "this would not happen, that even though Michelle and the baby are living under their roof, Michelle and I would decide how to raise our child".

Parents: Same as Michelle's Promise

This will be my last post, for I am actually already dead,
Paul Harvey

Anonymous said...

Just from reading the comments, it seems like Greg has mental issues.

I mean, he swings from gushing and calling you gorgeous to wench... What the hell?

You and Jazzy are much better off without this creep.

Anonymous said...

This comment is meant for Luke, seeing how this is a family Blog.

When I said to your father that I thought it was perfectly fine for a brother and sister to bond. I did not mean in that way...

Your sister love's you even more than she love's me. You are doing nothing but screwing up her head. ***cease and desist***

If I have to discuss this matter with you again, I will be solving a Quadratic Equation on your face...

No response is necessary, other than find a girlfriend.