Thursday, April 15, 2010


Tax Day Tea Party today! Anyone interested in joining this pro-freedom pro-America grassroots movement, google the location of the nearest protest and help us fight for lower taxes, less spending and government entitlements, and personal freedom! I'll be in downtown West Palm Beach today at 6pm.


Greg said...

Talk about fight, My father was a golden glove, my mother wore army boots, I was physically the smallest out of 5 boys. I learned how to defend myself at a very young age.

My record is 50 wins and 2 loses. Both loses were to Michelle, once when she was giving birth to Jazzy, and the other, was after Jazzy was born.

I made the mistake of telling her to shut up. She hit me with a left hook, which broke my glasses ($500) and bloodied my nose.

Now, I keep my distance, when Michelle is mad at me.

Anonymous said...

greg you are hilarious hahahaha
hey michelle dont you write here anymore?

Greg said...

Michelle, I would like to spend quality time with you and my daughter !!!

I believe you to be a great person and a terrific mom, and I would know as the father !!!

Please do not give any credence to those clowns that say: You and Jazzy are much better off without this creep.

These clowns our hateful and green with jealousy.

I know you think that I abandoned you and Jazzy, this is not true, you and Jazzy have always been on my mind !!!

Anonymous said...

Damn Shelley, looks like you've picked up a troll.

Greg, maybe if you fucked off and gave Michelle some space rather than endlessly freaking out in her blog comments she may be more inclined to let you see Jazzy.

If you REALLY have to comment, acting sane would be a good start. Trying to woo someone via humiliation is just a little whacko.

Unfortunately for you, it looks like Shelley has her shit together, and can see you for the cretin you are.

Greg said...

Michelle, When people told me that you were a infectious puss ball, a Whore, a heroin addict, and that I was wasting my time with you.

Did I abandoned you? HELL NO! I spit in the eye of adversity!

I keep at it for years, to persuade you to quit. And you finally did!!!
When the head of the dept.of the ICU, DCF, and your parents said that Jazzy was going through withdraws, because you were a heroin addict. They wanted to treat her with morphin for 25 days.

Did I abandoned you and Jazzy? HELL NO! I spit in the eye of adversity!

I wrote to the fraud dept. of medicaid, and with in 5 days, Jazzy was released from the hospital.
Will I listen to this clown and abandoned you and Jazzy? Hell NO! I spit in the eye of adversity!

Michelle can You, I, and Jazzy go to the Dairy Queen and get a frosty? For some reason, I am getting mighty thirsty!!!

Greg said...

By the way, Clown comment at 9:56 AM, I know who you our. Don't make me discuss that matter in person with you!!!!!

Everything I said in my first comment is true, except my mother does not wear army boots.

Greg said...

Michelle, you always said that I can not talk bad about your family.

But do you tell them not to talk bad about me?

And do they talk bad about me in front of my little girl?

I looked up the word Cretin, and I found the initails L.T.M (first,middle,last,NAME)in the definition.

Michelle said...

OMG please just leave me alone. This is "Those who dance" not "Those who rehash year-old bullshit that was boring and annoying a year ago"

Greg said...

Yes Michelle, you are right.

I have come to the conclusion that you and your family are too good for me, out of my league.

I will not be taking up any more of your precious time, Sorry for bothering you so.

Please apologize to you remarkable family, and let them know that they are an inspiration to all.

I truely feel blessed and honored to have met such a socially prominent family.

Good Day

Michelle said...

this was between you and me. The fact that you still have your head up your ass talking about my folks (it's been a year since you talked with ANY of us for fuck's sake) is why I won't call you. Seriously GTFO.