Sunday, April 18, 2010

picking on someone at her intellectual level

Had a party this weekend. It's nice to have friends my age, and a boyfriend my age who is fucking awesome, and a sweet little girl to entertain me and make me smile all day. I think the best part of a new relationship is that there aren't any arguments at all. None of that "why the hell did I get with him?" thinking, nothing to fight about at all, just happy faces and sexy bodies. And Jazzie likes him a lot, asks "where's Oz?" when he's not around.

But her favorite person besides me (and I know he's gonna read this eventually) is Rick. Jazzie was running all day long with only a 20 minute nap and some blueberries and raisins for fuel, and she was laying on the floor with her thumb in her mouth looking up at me. Just tired as all hell. Then Rick showed up because he left something at my place, and I told her "Rick is outside." She jumped up from the floor onto her feet and dashed towards the door, screaming "RICK! RICK! RICK!" She made it all the way through the wood chips, the sidewalk, and the wet grass barefoot just to say "hi Rick!" and wave at him when he left. If you are reading this dude, feel special. That baby fucking LOVES you.

I really am enjoying my life right now and all the haters can't stop that. Well, there's really only one hater but she couldn't find this website if I gave her the link and bookmarked it for her because she's too stupid to live (and fat). Yes, I'm referring to M3L!SSA!! the crazy ex-neighbor. She moved away, but she's still doing silly things like texting me the entire time I was in class talking about how my boyfriend is going to a car and bike show with her in Miami this weekend because he hates me and loves her. He basically hasn't left my sight since Thursday night, and I've asked her a couple of times if she and Oz are enjoying the car and bike show that they went to together. She responded by insulting my 18 month old on Facebook. I guess she's picking on someone at her intellectual level so I can't be too hard on her. Plus, it must suck to lose at everything you do and look like she does. If she doesn't leave me alone, I'm gonna toss her a link to this blog so that she can leave hater comments and all my readers (both of them) can see how much she sucks and maybe even dislike her as well.


Greg said...

Glad to see your doing good, Michelle ! ! !

Just got my grades in for my first semester at college, Drum Roll, please.

All A's, GPA of 4.0

Summer semester, business and english.

Greg said...

Happy Mothers Day, Gorgeous

Anonymous said...

"Glad to see your doing good, Michelle ! ! !"

Greag are you a moron, or do you beliee that Shelly doing "good" measn smoking pit all day long and going on weekly dope adn crack binges? Get ready to say bye to the kid cause DSS will have it soon.

Anonymous said...

how do you know anonymous?

CindyB1 said...

From the spelling, looks like Anonymous is the one smoking and cracking all day. Stuff DSS up the bung hole. Shelly is just fine.

Greg said...


You have a natural talent for writing, and with a little bit of coaching; you would be unbelievable.

Why is you brother (the jounalist) not teaching you the basics: narrative, descriptive, ect.

I remember seeing you teaching him on a game show type episode of questions and answers, from the Moreau Childrens' video collection.

Love You and Jazy,

Greg said...

If Michelle is in bad shape, I will hold her family responsible!

For I left Michelle and Jazy in your care.

If my baby and Michelle are having problems; there will be no place to run, for I will track you people down!

You people ever abandon Michelle again ........

Anonymous said...

This comment is specifically for Michelle's family.

When I met Michelle, she was in unspeakably, pretty, bad shape. Since that day, she has become a gorgeous mother and free from her most dangerous addictions.

I left Michelle in the care of the same people whom most likely had something to do with her intial downfall, her family.

Don't think for a minute that I am unaware of whom was at the other end of the hammer that pounded the wedge between Michelle and I.

Get it right with Michelle this time, for I am watching!

Anonymous said...

Never forget Greg, you scumbag, you pimped out the mother of your children and did far more to enable her addictions than her family did.



You're a sperm donor to that little girl, not a father, not a daddy.

As a black man, I'm ashamed that men like you continue with your games, disgracing our race and making it that much more difficult for REAL BLACK MEN and REAL BLACK FATHERS.

Grow up, quit trying to bait her over her family, and leave her and the kid be.

You've got to be pushing, what 45-50 now ?

You still have time to make something of the waste you've called a life. Try it out.

Jerome in Montgomery, AL.

Anonymous said...

Timothy, everyone knows that you are an idiot (except you) when it comes to common sense, and even more stupid when it comes to relationships.

Also, you are not black; look at your skin. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Greg said...

This comment is specifically meant for Michelle's parents.

What came first, the chicken or the egg?---- Most people would assume that we are talking about a chicken egg, but why not a dinosaur egg?

Teach you children well and they will in turn teach their children well

Michelle is the mother of Jazzy, and you people are the mother and father of Michelle; Michelle comes first.

Whom is taking Jazzy to church on Sundays, her mother or grandmother?

Get it right for I am watching!

Greg said...


You are a fantastic mother! Please think about Jazzy the next time you do drugs, and ask yourself these questions?

What is Jazzy going to do without her mother? Do you think Jazzy will be better off with out you?

Believe me when I say that Jazzy needs you more than anyone in the world.

You are a Great person, even better than your mother and father; and I would know more than anyone!

Please think of Jazzy, for she is your daughter and you are her only mother.

Greg said...


I have always thought that you were a natural at writing; I would make sure you got to the library to make entries to your Blog, because of your natural ability.

Hell, I learned how to comment on Blogs from You, now I can not stop, ha ha ha!

I have a writing competition for you if you think your good enough!
You would be competing against me.

Essays= five paragraphs, five to eight sentences per paragraphs. First essay, narrative. Fiction or Non-fiction, does not matter.

Do you except my challenge, chump, I mean champ. If so, I will set up a Blog for my essay to be posted to and your following can judge

What say thee?

Anonymous said...

"i've been taking roxy 30s and oxy 80s, both IV
3 days, huh? just like h? beautiful"

Dear social services: This is the junkie bitch that is neglecting and abusing her child.

Watch out Shelly.

Anonymous said...

way to go having a bf who is arrested fro drugs and armed robbery around the kid you supposedly love.

Anonymous said...

Michelle, I really do not think that it is the right thing, not to let Greg see you and Jazy!

What are you so afraid of? Just because he does not think highly of your family, does not make it right to keep him from his child!

Fuck your family and make arrangements to let him see you and Jazzy! ! !

Anonymous said...

Tell me Michelle, who is the father and mother of Jazzy? And who was in the delivery room when Jazzy was born?

Are the answers to these questions: Ken, Vivian, Michelle,Greg

Just because your parents are helping you out does not make them Jazy's parents! !

Anonymous said...

Michelle, do not give up on me, for I have never given up on you!
I want to know my daughter, and I believe she wants to know me!
Please try and make arrangements for me to see you and Jazzy, please!
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are good for me, but I need to know in advance. A lot of time mangement is involve when attending college.

Anonymous said...

Nice boyfriend...

Anonymous said...

i havent stopped by and read you in a while . everything seems to be going your way and your daughter looks great , im very happy for u ...all the best and still love reading you ...jamie "jersey"

Anonymous said...


didn't do any opis for 3 days
then did ONE bag last night (half first, then the other half later infact) "

"you know what worked for me?
getting the FUCK away from methadone and never looking back
now i get high as shiiiiiiiiit "

Anonymous said...

no shit, she is using again, with a family like she has, you would use too, all they want is her kid, I heard the father is a ..., her brother is a ..., and her mother is a ...! no telling what the baby's father is?

Big Bro said...

Yep. It's me. Her brother (technically her younger brother, but Goddammit, I'm bigger than she is). And I've come to say that Michelle doesn't "drag her family" into anything. Frankly, my parents are only too happy to practically never hear from her. And me? I don't give a good Goddamn. She can do what she likes with her life, it's probably going to kill her before 25, but whatever. Her loss, not mine. Yeah, I'll be sad if she dies, but frankly, she's bringing it upon herself, and I shed no tears to people who die from their own stupidity or carelessness. (Sorry to be so harsh, Michelle, but it's how I feel.)

To those who say "Get her help!" What, precisely, would you have me do? Get her arrested? She'll either slide out of it or serve her time and go right back to her regular lifestyle. Get her into a detox program? She can walk right out of those. Put a gun to her head and make her swear to give up drugs? That'll work as long as I'm actually holding a gun on her. There's no power on earth that can compel her not to use and do all the stuff she does, short of constant physical restraint, and believe me when I say we've tried everything else.

Anonymous said...

Nice family, after they fuck up her head, they will blame her!

Greg said...

Nice father's day, where I can not see my daughter!

I will be working out on the heavy bag extra long today; and every punch I throw will be accurate and precise, for whose faces do you think I will see?

naomi said...

shelley.... you ok? hope so. let me know yeah? take care, naomi xxx

Anonymous said...

"my parents took my girl on vacation for 5 days
that gives me 5 days to basically do whatever the hell i want, just like before
i have a car, i have money, i'm near the beach right now on my way to NYC for my vacation
i have drugs if i want em, or the adventure of finding them in a new city of course
and yet i'm so sad i don't even want to drive anymore

i miss my little girl already"

You better get use to it. Social services has been notified.

And Luke-- while you can't control your junkie sister you can control the fact that YOU use drugs with your niece crawling around the room!

And Greg- great father, dude.

Anon. said...

check out my blog :) :

Anonymous said...

take 2-3 day breaks after a vveek of using, pretty much since i re-started
i can almost enjoy the kick knovving that i'll be high again in a fevv days

Wow, you should be up for mother of the year.

Anonymous said...

Loyal Readers,
I am alive and i still get paid for slingin some pussy around every now and again, i'm not hurting anyone and now that i'm not a, um "real junkie" anymore (lol) i can take what business i want and fuckin leave the rest. Baby is just fine.

Anonymous said...

Drugging kids for parents' relief called abusive
Parents' Giving Kids Over-The-Counter Drugs (ken & vivian)

Anonymous said...

i'm filling all my scripts in gainesville, talahassee, pensacola
i refuse to pay more than a buck a pill, after i found these pharmacies
i also see multiple doctors (with NO narcotic contracts) and can't afford to fill for 6-8 bux a pill (fuck that)
street prices are going up and up...

Keep it coming Shelly, more proof for child services.

Anonymous said...

Yo u wanna suck booter bensons tiny penis for 5 bux nigga lover?