Monday, March 22, 2010

wishful thinking

I wish I weighed 120 pounds. I actually weigh about 137 pounds, which is lame. I've been eating mostly vegetables like broccoli, brussels sprouts, spinach and lettuce, celery, cucumber, cabbage, radishes, spaghetti squash, carrots, and the like. I think all the green shit is messing up my stomach though. Sucks. I really love salads (every day it's what I eat for breakfast and lunch) but I only will eat protein-filled salads with crunchies. My typical salad has lettuce, spinach, celery, carrots, cucumber, brussels sprouts, broccoli, hard boiled eggs, chicken, bacon, cheese, and sliced toasted almonds. With all that stuff on there I don't need but a tiny drop or so of dressing, which I can make myself.

I have two weeks off from school! WTF am I supposed to do with myself and my kid during that time? I can't wait to get back and have something to do during the day. Right now I just smoke a lot, play outside or at the park, and go to Publix often to make some new healthful food. Bored to shit.


Greg said...

Michelle, when am I going to see you and Jazzy? Give me a call, I would really like to spend a little time with you and Jazzy.

I will be home all week, studying for a math exam (except when I am at the math lab for tutoring).

I will not visit you and Jazzy, unless I am asked, so please, ask me!

Anonymous said...

Greg!! Did you not read the title to this post? "Wishful Thinking" LOL

Greg said...

That is so so so funny, LOL, still LOL, still LOL. Will someone help me up off the floor, still LOL!

How did you become so funny? Was it when your mother dropped you on your head, as a child?

Greg said...

Q: Why is the math book so unhappy?
A: Because it's full of problems!
Q: Why did the egg get throw out of class?
A: It kept telling yokes!

Greg said...

Michelle, Watch those no-contact orders, the courts have zero tolerance for those who defy the order. You go directly to jail.

***Can not wait to see you and Jazzy***

Anonymous said...

Greg: You pimped this girl out when she was strung out, you used her for sex, and you knocked her up.

You give black men a bad name.

You are a nigger, plain and simple.

I hope this little woman stays the fuck away from you and gets herself right.

Jerome in Montgomery
-a proud BLACK MAN

Greg said...

Thanks Bro, I will try to do the right thing. But I beleive I am a nobody to her at this point, for she has a boyfriend, and it ant me, sad but true.

I will try to give the black man back his good name! Then maybe you will stop calling me nigger!

Anonymous said...

is greg the father?

Greg said...

You Know Michelle, eight months ago, when I smoke pot, I just didn't get it. Why you or you family would stop me from seeing my kid at any time of the day (which by the way, they promised not to do, before Jazzy was born).

Now, I am going to college and have not smoked pot in eight months(I have found that I am not dumb, infact, fairly intelligent).

Today, I still, just don't get it, why you or your family would stop me from seeing my kid.

Anonymous said...

quit whining greg!

Anonymous said...

bacon, cheese, and hard boiled eggs with almonds are too many calories.

First ditch the cheese and then only eat the egg white. The yokes have a ton of saturated fat.

In general, you will loose a ton of weight fast when you eliminate dairy and sugar.

hope that helps. you look great!