Saturday, January 10, 2009

anything that might be mistaken for credibility

Me and Greg took Jazzie to the zoo, and Greg got a little 'trigger-happy' with his camera. We got in for free because he knew someone that knew someone, and Jaz talked to the birds.

The next day (Friday) I went to court. Finally, after months of continuances, the judge was gonna sentence me to four months of house arrest for getting high a year ago. But when I arrived at the courthouse (15 minutes late as usual) my attorney has good news: she had gotten the DA to agree to 'administrative probation', or as the judge later called it, 'cosmetic probation'. Basically, I'd only meet with a PO once, and after that they'd basically trust me, and I wouldn't get the dreaded VOP charge if I got in more trouble (although I would get nailed to the wall, because I'd end up in front of that same judge). That last part was most important, because when you get a VOP around here, you just sit in county with no bail and no court date- and they'll violate you for anythiung too. Fuck that noise.

Anyways, I'd been going in front of this same judge once or twice a month to get continuances since fuckin' April. [note: I have already told this story a billion times on this blog, so PLEASE don't ask "what were you in trouble for?" Just check out my posts from April- it's there.] Back when I got arrested, I didn't have anything that might be mistaken for credibility: I had about a month clean and was pregnant and fresh off the streets. But he's seen me bunches of times with Jaz, as time went by, so he doesn't think I'm just putting on a front for in front of the judge.

On one hand, I'd enrolled in the methadone clinic over a month before I caught that charge. On the other hand, I was on my third-strike drug felony in a conservative, southern, three-strike state. Not good. The judge asked if I'd take the 'administrative probation' with adjudication, and (at the advice of my attorney) said yes. He told me that my charge could catch me a nickel- a 5 year prison sentence, and that once I'd pled guilty he could legally sentence me to the full five. He asked if I trusted him to sentence me. I looked again at my lawyer, and she nodded, telling me to say yes. I said, "yes." The judge says, 'time served, pay court costs.' I had been in jail from 1pm to a little after 6pm.

If I get another felony though...


blutuesday said...

cute pics. Jaz is so cute I just wanna eat her up! Did u guys see any giraffes? I LOVE them, I collect them too. Glad the whole court thing is sorted. So no ankle bracelet huh? YAY.

Greg said...

Hey Gorgeous
To Blog readers, FYI, on a previous appearance befor the judge, he asked Michelle's Mom how was Michelle doing, Mom said, " a year ago we gave up on Michelle, but she is trying now.

The judge said, you mean that she went from public enemy number one to mother of the year, Michelle's Mom responded, "thier is something to be said for motherhood.

Although the judge seemed a little sarcastic with his remark, I felt by his actions in other cases that he was a fair and honorable judge.

Also Michelle's Mom has never attended court for any previous cases on behalf of Michelle, not that the judge new this.

P.S. Sorry if my grammer is off.

JAMIE said...

Glad to hear of your great court outcome !!! congarts !!

Anonymous said...

Hey Greg

As Herman the Worm once said to me, a person would have to be pretty darn stupid if he couldn't figure out more than one way to spell a word.

I think it is time to launch, and I think the world is ready for ....... the GREGBLOG! Don't think about it too much, just do it.

If you have HBO on demand you can watch a 70 year old george carlin doing his thing. made me smile.

later,love ya, lefty

Gledwood said...

re the ct: thank God for that

I'm new to your blog so hi ;->...

Cocaine Princess said...

That is one beautiful, little girl.


Bishop said...

Great pictures! I have nieces and they love the zoo!