Sunday, August 17, 2008

I'm sure Greg will correct me on the comments

So, Greggie got us kicked out of the drive-in. Nice, huh? To be fair, I got us kicked out of someplace about a year and a half ago- Walmarts. But there are bunches of Walmarts in the area, and only one fuckin' drive-in movie theater! If you ask him, he did exactly what any reasonable person would have done under the circumstances. I will tell the story, you be the judge, and if I left anything out then I'm sure Greg will correct me on the comments.
Okay, so we get to the drive-in about 5 minutes before the movie starts (Tropic of Thunder) and we were both kinda sad because Mirrors wasn't playing. I don't know why he was upset, I practically had to beg him to agree to see it with me! But whatever. The drive-in is first come first serve and we arrived right as the previews were starting, so we got a shitty parking spot. We usually park in front of the dumpster because of the 9-foot-tall camper, but we ended up SLIGHTLY behind the dumpster behind 2 trucks that we could easily see over. Greg parked, and yeah we were kinda far back but we could see good so we were ok- or so I thought. I was wrong, apparently we weren't okay, apparently we had a huge problem that we had to scream about. How could I be so dumb? <---sarcasm
The huge problem was that one of the trucks parked in front of us had his engine on and the exhaust pipe was going. Greg went up to him and asked if he planned on having his truck on the whole time, the guy said hells yeah I need to run my a/c, that's why I parked way the hell back here, I was here first. That is not against the rules for the drive-in, in fact there really aren't any rules at the drive-in that I know of. You can drink, get high, walk around, yell, let your kids run around and yell and throw shit, rev your engine, have sex, bring a 3-course meal, whatever the fuck you want to do. Greg started going on about how that was wrong, how I couldn't be breathing exhaust fumes while 8 months pregnant, how he's gonna go get somebody to yell at that guy and make him turn off his engine.
So Greggie runs over to the first theater employee he sees (these poor fucks probably make minumum wage) and immediately starts yelling. I don't hear what he is saying, but I do hear the other guy saying, "calm down, dude, calm down!" At that point I knew we were kicked out for good, so I started crying. The damn drive-in is my favorite place to hang out with Greg because the camper is PERFECT for watching and it's cheaper and free-er than other theaters and it keeps me updated on the new good movies and I really didn't want to get kicked out over stupid exhaust fumes! (Also, I am a total crybaby since getting knocked up.) Greg starts really screaming at the guy, so the owner (Tony) comes over. We were really cool with Tony, he even lent us his radio one time to see Dark Knight cause we forgot ours. Mostly because we were there every weekend without ever causing a lick of trouble. But now he's pissed because Greg is screaming and cursing. He was leaving (thanks for asking if I wanted to stay, Greggie) but not without a refund.
There was a big ol' sign out in front where you pay, it says No Refunds in big letters, and I reminded of Greg that right before Tony came over. Didn't make a difference- he started hollering at Tony also about a refund. Tony was being obnoxious and disrespectful too, shining his fucking flashlight in Greg's eyes as well as mine, and finally Greg says, "I'm fucking leaving, I wouldn't come back here if you payed me, keep your fucking 12 dollars you greedy shit, I won't be back."
And that's how Greg got us kicked out of the drive-in. Goddamn was I pissed off! I was ready to go home, let him run his mouth at somebody else for the night. But Greggie had been working hard so I hadn't seen him in sooo long, plus I had just bought him $35 worth of groceries (right before he got us kicked out, nice way to say thanks isn't it?) that I wanted to eat some of, plus I don't tend to stay pissed at people very long- I am easily distracted by food, pot, sodas, funny jokes, money, and good-looking guys. He had grown a beard in the week or so that we hadn't seen each other, and those sad blue eyes floating over that rugged beard with him asking me to please come in the house... well shit, I came in the house. The longer I know him, the more I love him. The more I love him, the hotter he looks to me. The hotter he looks to me, the more obnoxiously asinine shit he gets away with! My wonderful, crazy asshole man... ;)
So, we went to Blockbuster instead and rented some piece of crap action movie called Doomsday plus the movie One Missed Call which is the picture at the top of this post. Aren't those mouth-eyes creepy??? I ended up watching that yesterday with my mama and Lucas' friend Travis and then last night every time I woke up I seen the mouth-eye lady from the movie standing in front of the fridge or the doorway to my room or somewhere. I think if a horror movie doesn't make me cover my eyes at least once or give me any nightmares, it's a gay movie and it didn't do what it was supposed to do.
Okay, before I sign out, there's this thing I seen on other blogs where you type your name into Google followed by the word 'needs' (in my case "michelle needs" or "shelley needs") and then post the first 10 things that come up. So I did that, why the hell not right? I did Michelle and Shelley because both came up with interesting things, and skipped the boring ones like "Michelle needs your help" or "Michelle needs money." Those are no fun... and the rest of them are in order as I found 'em!
1) Michelle needs 2 pee <-- constantly
2) Michelle needs to exercise her right to shut the fuck up
3) Michelle needs to go poop <-- does anyone else see a pattern here?
4) Michelle needs to take an extended break from golf
5) Michelle needs to check out to rescue her sanity <-- true, true
6) Michelle needs a family that will be patient
7) Michelle needs someone to talk to <-- my blog takes care of that
8) Michelle needs work on the inside
9) Michelle needs to learn to be more careful with her voodoo <-- fuckin' awesome!!
10) Michelle needs to work harder <-- harder, and faster, and longer :)
1) Shelley needs her own blog <-- damn skippy!
2) Shelley needs your vote <-- who was it that said Shelley for president?
3) Shelley needs to listen to the gathering roar
4) Shelley needs donations and rescue <--empty your pockets, friends
5) Shelley needs to start planning for 2008
6) Shelley needs to STOP referring to herself in the third person <-- surely
7) Shelley needs to be included
8) Shelley needs a new roommate <--- just a couple more weeks and I will!
9) Shelley needs little introduction
10) Shelley needs no last name <-- sweet, just like Madonna and Cher!


Cocaine Princess said...

Great post Shelly! I'm sorry you didn't get to see Mirrors. I know how much you wanted to. A drive-in? Wow I don't think we have any of those around anymore. I went to one, but I can't remember when it was so long ago. I saw a Disney cartoon-movie. Hope you and the baby are doing great. Stay safe friend.

Cocaine Princess

Tuesday said...

Hi hi. That sucks that you all got tossed from the Drive-in. I've never been to one in my life, they look fun. In fact, I havent been to a movie period in a lonnng time. I did that google thing, and it was hillarious. Amongst other things I got "needs men," "needs two therapists," "needs a brassiere,"needs your financial support to get the message to voters,"needs somthing more to be satisfied." Interesting and fun little exercise. Anyway, just wanted to say hey and offer my support for your blog.

Anonymous said...

paula needs...
1. serious help now!
2. Facebook
3. an attitude ajustment
4. help
5. a man
6. to pull a "harkleroad"
7. noone's approval
8. prayer
9. to stay off the drugs
10. needs to learn how to speak

<> JuLiA <> said...

Hi michelle, this is your friend from 'the north set'.I bet you dont even remember me, I got your blog addrress from elliott. My name is JULIA and I used to work for you and vicci in coulby. The firsT time we got high together you tagged all over my room walls and it started a patern where every one tagged my walls does that ring a bell @all? None of it is painted over, your signiture immortalized in red majic marker my favorite one you wrote sez "reality is a crutch for folks who can't handle their dope" also do you remember wanting to open liquer store called"LIKKASTO" in the south set? Crazy times "angel" althouh I guess you dont go by that any more, I was tweeked and read the whole blog starting from nov 06 all the way to this journal entry about drivein! Your new man sounds very kewl, you started this right after you dumped spooky/mike @least thats what I assummed from reading. If you want to e mail me it is "" I am still living in coulby with parents so I can help with the farm and also I work for "our mutual friend" good digs no? Well it's veryvery kewlkewl to se that you are off the needle!! When did you swich to herion, I always thouht you liked wakeefulness more than the nod. I tried herion once, shot in my neck (no veins left from you no what!) and puked puked pukde and then it felt sooperkewl but not worth the end less vomating!! I got clean for 3 months gong to alcoholics anonamous but they are full of bull shit and also i needed $$ and I cant make the $ without doing the bad stuff too you get me? In case you cant tell I am TWEEKED riht now and thats why iM not shutting up yet!! O.K. I guess thats it from me, plaese email me angel michelle shelley whatever you like tobe called now!!! LOL!!

<> JuLiA <>