Monday, January 7, 2008

a man who can't count to six

I broke up with Greg. I'm "hiding out" and not letting anyfuckingbody know where I'm at. Actually Greg kinda broke up with me. He was bitching about me doing shots "every two hours" when I had done 1 all day and it had been nearly 6 hours before asking for the last one. I said I didn't want to be with a man who can't count to six and then he threw me out of his truck (literally). I started walking away, then he started calling my cellphone nonstop. Ring ring ring. "Where are you? I'm coming to get you." But me, I refused to get in the truck. Fuck that asshole. I had money and dope- what else do I need?

Well, the money went up in smoke and the dope is gone too, and now I'm trying to stay clean, at least as much as I can. I'm coming off with pain pills so I don't go through as much hell. Whatever. I'm gonna fix this goddamn mess if it's the last thing I do.


Diamond: You're more gangsta than I could ever hope to be. I wish you were always around when people fucked with me.

Artie Blackmon: Damn are you bold! Read my e-mail.

Jin: At the risk of sounding like a lesbian/feminist, most men are assholes.

Boston Joe: Hey, I don't even know who that person is! I wouldn't put it past him to be a cop...

Anonymous #1: Ummmmm, okay?

Taxitalk: Damn straight!

Jsquared: Hey, I am a firm believer in freedom of speech- I certainly use mine, why shouldn't everyone use theirs? Thats why I leave up all the flames- oh, also cause I don't give a rat's ass what strangers think of me or my life. Fuck 'em!

Anonymous #2: Ha ha!

Jin: It is all of that and more. Don't run out and try it, I'm not saying that for god's sake, but it truly is a beautiful experience.

Anonymous #3: That's my business.

Anonymous #4: Whateva, whateva, I do what I want!

Ian: How sweet

Kevin: Thanks for the support, but fuck 'em. Let them use their first amendment rights! Flame on, motherfuckers!


Big Bro said...

Yep. It's me. Her brother (technically her younger brother, but Goddammit, I'm bigger than she is). And I've come to say that Michelle doesn't "drag her family" into anything. Frankly, my parents are only too happy to practically never hear from her. And me? I don't give a good Goddamn. She can do what she likes with her life, it's probably going to kill her before 25, but whatever. Her loss, not mine. Yeah, I'll be sad if she dies, but frankly, she's bringing it upon herself, and I shed no tears to people who die from their own stupidity or carelessness. (Sorry to be so harsh, Michelle, but it's how I feel.)

To those who say "Get her help!" What, precisely, would you have me do? Get her arrested? She'll either slide out of it or serve her time and go right back to her regular lifestyle. Get her into a detox program? She can walk right out of those. Put a gun to her head and make her swear to give up drugs? That'll work as long as I'm actually holding a gun on her. There's no power on earth that can compel her not to use and do all the stuff she does, short of constant physical restraint, and believe me when I say we've tried everything else.

And realize that a whole freakin' lot of what she posts here isn't actually true. Consider her usual state of mind: You think a person like her could resist the urge to make shit up? Like having a son? Oh, bloody ****ing likely. Never happened. I'm quite certain she was never pregnant before this, (I do see her more often than once every nine months, and it's sort of hard to cover up being pregnant) and I even kind of have my doubts about her being pregnant now.

Therefore. I say to you that she is committing sins against nobody but herself, "drags" her family into nothing (so what if my picture is up? Do I give a flying rat's ass? Is someone going to use some government-black-ops technology to identify me through my picture?), and speaks of worse harm than she does. In conclusion, all y'all haters (especially whatever shithead keeps posting on my blog. I'll delete your comments as fast as I see them, and don't go tainting my blog with your crap. If this goes on, I'll switch addresses. I've no particular attraction to mine.)...all y'all haters, I give you a cordial invitation:

Put this in your mouth and suck it, cock-gobblers. Fuck off and stop giving her shit.

- Big Bro

Anonymous said...

She is not pregnant, she just have her period.
That Greg wants your money, of course he will call you thousands of times. BJs and your money that's what he wants.

Good luck dream girl.

CindyB1 said...

Hey Big Bro, I feel where you are coming from. You don't think you can do anything to help and most probably can not. It is just so sad to a lot of us who read her blog. Michelle seems quite intelligent and a talented writer and really very likeable. I wish there was a way for her to get off this train to nowhere, but no one can do it for her. Michelle, I hope you can do this for yourself and get off the H and hopefully drugs in general. Your body can't take but so much. I hope the new year can bring you good things. I wish you the best.


Anonymous said...

Lucas Moreau

Gosh Michelle, you are such a pretty girl. Why do this to yourself?

Big Bro said...

All right. So you know my name. So what? What are you going to do, track me down and threaten to kill me unless I get my sister off drugs? What possible use could knowing my name have?

Anyway, I'm revealing myself, why don't you reveal yourself? It's easy to snipe from the darkness of Anonymous, but if you actually have some fucking balls, you'll show yourself. At first, I thought you were maybe someone we knew, but any idiot could have combined knowledge of her last name and the fact that she uses mine here a lot. So, coward, what say you? Gonna keep hiding?

- Big Bro

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised to hear that Michelle is a liar. People on opio figured out that a long time ago when her every post was some drama that couldn't be believed. She is a pathological liar and even lies about things that don't matter- e.g. she grew up in AL and left after a shoot out witht he police where a 16 year old was killed. Never happend. But really I don't entirely blame her for all the lies. If I was a worthless junkie whore I might lie to. I don't blame the family for not doing anything. She is a slef-centered whore that only cares about herself.


Jone said...

Lucas, you may not be able to do anything to stop your sister, but you don't have to get high with her now do you? And I can't believe what kind of parents you have that they could take their HIV+, drug addict daughter to lunch and then drop her off on the side of the hiway to prostitute herself some more.

Big Bro said...

Jone, I'm-a gonna deconstruct your post sentence by sentence. I like it better this way.

Lucas, you may not be able to do anything to stop your sister, but you don't have to get high with her now do you?

Don't have to. I felt like it. She would have if I didn't or not, and I wanted to try it. I did, I didn't like it much, I haven't done it since.

And I can't believe what kind of parents you have that they could take their HIV+, drug addict daughter to lunch and then drop her off on the side of the hiway to prostitute herself some more.

I'd really, really like to know what you think they could do to stop her. (And she's not HIV-positive, I was with her when she got two negative tests. In a row.)

- Big Bro

Jone said...

"I'd really, really like to know what you think they could do to stop her."

They can't stop her, but they don't have to drive her to do it.

And if she lied about having HIV then she is really pathetic. Her luck will run out and she will eventually get it. That is if she's not lying about being a whore.

Big Bro said...

We don't "drive her to do it." My parents, at least our mother, pretty much doesn't want to have anything to do with her. Our father is somewhat less hard-line, but I'll go out with her, and do I care? It's not like we're giving her a condom and some guy's phone number.

She didn't lie about HIV, she got a false positive test. You know? The things that can actually happen? Jesus, man. Grow some brains.

- Big Bro

jone said...

"but I'll go out with her, and do I care? It's not like we're giving her a condom and some guy's phone number."

No, obviously you don't care. And it's not a matter of a guy's phone number-- she's lower than that, your sister a street whore. You sound like you're talking about someone who might party a little too much. HELLO your sister is a JUNKIE WHORE who sells herself on the side of the road and then gives all her money to a pimp.

Big Bro said...

Hey! Junkie she may be, prostitute she may be, but she gives no money to a pimp. She keeps her damn money. Then spends it on heroin. But what are ya gonna do, y'know?

- Big Bro

ian said...

if this jone dude and all these anoymous pussies are filled with so much spite toward michelle then why the fuck are you guys so infatuated with her. michelle, i have found you thru opio and lways found u very interesting considering i have the same habits and addictions as you so thats why i like to read your blog. but whats with all these haters. you wont save her or anyone else for that matter or anything by posting anonymously on the internet or by posting to her brother. share some love, be supportive, its not your life.

ian said...

btw michelle i clicked the link from whoever sent it of your mugshots....your a beautiful girl.

jin said...


thank you very much for your reply. it pisses me off that people are so superior about heroin addiction - i mean, NOBODY would give as much as they do for it if it wasn't better than anything we could imagine.

(and - at the risk of being flamed, i AM a feminist - and even if i wasn't i'd think most men were assholes too).

sounds like greg was stealing your chi - there is strength and love in you that he wanted and didn't have in himself. i'm glad you're keeping them both all to yourself.

Victoria said...

Hey michelle, I came to leave you a comment and I am surprised by all the stupid bitches that have been leaving you comments! Haha I'm sure all you're doing is laughing at them, like everyone else is.

Anyway, send me an e-mail and I'll send you my phone number so we can keep in touch and talk to each other while we're trying to stay sober!

Anonymous said...

Seriously... posting on her brothers blog about her? Isn't that taking it a little far?
He has a point. It isn't like he can put a gun to her head to keep her clean. Not to mention, he's pretty young too(I think?). It's not his responsibility.

Anonymous said...

Michelle, you are no longer welcome on opio. Your brother exposed you for the liar you are, something many of us have thought for awhile. So lets see. What are the lies we know about so far.

1. You don't have HIV
2. You don't have a pimp, bf, or anyone that you give your money to.
3. You never had a son.
4. You were never held against your will in "Rob's" trailer.
5. You never "bought" a crack heads car for a couple of bags of dope.
6. You never were involved with a meth lab.

Anonymous said...

I think it's absolutely ridiculous that people are posting their judgments of Michelle on her blog. This space is where Michelle is free to write about her life, sad as it may be, it is her blog.

Her brother shouldn't have to come to her private blog and defend his family and the way they interact with their daughter.

I think many of us that read Michelle's site have come to care about her and hope she finds some sort of peace in her life.

She has opened up her experiences to all of us by writing publicly about her life. If you don't like who she is or what she does, then don't bother visiting.

Leave her alone, do not judge her choices. I hope she finds her way, and turns her life around. It's tragic, but it is her decision.

I think Michelle is a lost soul, a good person who has lost her way. I wonder what turns a young girl to this lifestyle. She certainly fell into the wrong crowd when she was young and couldn't find her way out.

It is obvious to me that she is intelligent and conflicted. She knows right from wrong and I believe she wishes she could change, but we are not in her shoes and do now know her struggles.

After reading her entries, I often wish I could adopt her, protect her, help her. But it's all up to her.

Take good care of yourself, Michelle and know that while some strangers judge you, others are rooting for your survival.


ian said...

to the anonymous guy who said she isnt welcome at opio: who gives you that fucking right. if you go there right now there is a thread going around on this very subject 99% of the opio community is very pissed thsat flamers like you take what she says on there and brings it to here. she says shit on there bcause shes says she doesnt know anyone in realy life and she wants to get it off her chest, so where else can she take it. so fuck off ashole. i bet if they had a poll 100% of the people would vote u off instead of her you cum bucket. everyone loves her there and is always glad to her from her.
we all at opio love u michelle.

i would post the blog but would like to protect shelleys anonimity.

Big Bro said...

Michelle, you are no longer welcome on opio.

And you have this authority? Since when?

Your brother exposed you for the liar you are, something many of us have thought for awhile.

A person puts as much shit as she has into her body, you're going to start losing your grip on reality. I don't think many of them are "lies" so much as they are "things she thought was true at the time, but now doesn't care enough to go back and change."

So lets see. What are the lies we know about so far.

1. You don't have HIV

Thought she did. False positive. Will you learn?

2. You don't have a pimp, bf, or anyone that you give your money to.

Greg. She gives a lot of damn money to him, because he's always broke. This I know for a fact.

3. You never had a son.

This is true. She never did.

4. You were never held against your will in "Rob's" trailer.

This is false. She was, and I've actually spoken to Rob about it.

5. You never "bought" a crack heads car for a couple of bags of dope.

Actually, this is true as well. You'd be amazed at what you can buy off crackheads when they're desperate. That's how she keeps getting new cell phones when hers break or get stolen. Some say it's cold, but fuck it, they chose to start doing crack.

6. You never were involved with a meth lab.

I don't actually know if this is true or not, but it's a distinct possibility.

- Big Bro

ian said...

shelley can i email u. dont have your address.


Anonymous said...

I don't know why all of you are wasting time debating about this skank. She doesn't spend as much time caring about her life or anyone around her as all of you. She will die soon whether it's from a disease, OD, or getting picked up by the wrong person. No loss. Even her brother said "her loss, not mine."

Anonymous said...

I have to say something here: you, anonymous piece of shit, are worse off than any of us.

You are spending time on a HUMAN being's web site just to say shitty stuff about her.

I have been reading Michelle's blog for over a year. I don't agree with her life style, but it is not my place to judge.

She is a very beautiful, talented writer and intelligent woman whom I hope can overcome her addiction.

If she does, she has got to write a book.

hugs, Michelle!


P.S. I have this book I can mail you called "Snow Bodies". It is written by a woman who decided to confess her past heroin addiction and prostitution from her early twenties. She is now a Grandmother (like 55 or so). She overcame it. She hid it but then she shared and I think that it could help a lot of people in your situation.

Oxy said...

4. You were never held against your will in "Rob's" trailer.

This is false. She was, and I've actually spoken to Rob about it.

Since when do people held agaist their will have access to a computer to post online about what's happening? Plus the cell phone she used to call you. Plus the time she was allowed out to see Greg. Still want to stick to that bullshit? Wait a minute, she actually said that she called the sheriff's dept to ask about how her bail would work!

Scarlettt said...

My god, you people are cold. It's obvious she's got some serious mental issues.

On December 22nd, she posts on here about getting her period.

"I started my period today which SUCKS! When I was on heroin real bad, I never got my period. I liked it better that way."

So obviously, (contrary to the claim she made on Opiophile Jan. 3rd) she can not be pregnant right now ... and her own brother admits the "son who nearly died while she was filling her crack pipe" is not true either.

Obviously, there is not a full grip of reality going on here. Try showing a little compassion and a little less judgement for christ sake. And leave her brother alone.

Don't cha think this family has enough to deal with, without such harsh words from some of you?

Anonymous said...

For who ever "Ian" is... are you grasping the fact that what she said on opiohile that you're so vehemently defending is false? Not true. Made up.

Do I think that people are being overly judgemental and mean... absolutely.
But I also think that some of what they're irritated about is the fact that she made a production (- via thread on opiophile) of being pregnant, as well as saying she had a son that nearly died due to drug use(who never existed), when all it takes is a little deductive reasoning to realize that these things are untrue. Not saying that the flaming and insults are cool, they're not.

Sounds to me like you're blindly believing whatever she types (or pretending to) because you want to get laid. She needs someone reinforcing pathological lying for their own selfish reasons, about as much as she needs some broke dude who lives in a camper taking all her money.

Anonymous said...

You know someone is a good writer when they can get so many people talking about their “tales”, whether true or fabricated. Good for you Michelle! Anything that will get strangers to interact with one another in such a passionate way is good in my book.

I am “anonymous” out of laziness not b/c I don’t want to be known. Well, only half of that is true, I don’t have an account with a service that blogger affiliates with and I’m too lazy to get one.

Lucas, I can only tell you from one’s perspective who is a sister, with a brother who FINALLY stands up for her! I love him dearly and would seriously injure anyone who attempted him pain (not kidding). I can only hope my brother would do the same if in a similar situation. We have been through some trying shit and we are closer than ever, thank God. Keep on keepin' on big bro. :)

You are all amazingly passionate people who could do phenomenal things if you would really focus all of that passion on something positive in this world. I’m no saint and please do not think I’m trying to be all ‘a-hole go lucky’ however, if you could just take a deep breath and take a step back, you too would see what I am seeing now.

We have so many people in this world doing far more harm than a simple girl telling her version of the story. I’m pretty sure you came here the same as I, typing out the address in the toolbar of the internet (actually, I’m so entertained by Michelle’s writing, I’ve got her in my favorites). My point being, you CHOSE to come here…nobody forced your hand (and if they did, you should thank them).

I found her writing on and she chose to leave that site (or so was stated) b/c of the negative judging.

I look forward to her updates and I find it sad that people might force her away from another place she finds comfort. We all have our vices, whether drugs, cutting, stealing, eating, drinking, or worst of all it seems…writing. She preaches the First Amendment, which IS freedom of speech.

Let her do her thing…YOU can’t stop her from living her life and you certainly can’t make decisions for her. We are grown folks now, to put it simply, and this world NEEDS more positive things. As far as I know, we only get one shot at this.

I love how quick to judge we are, and believe me I am as guilty as the next, but if we could only get a quick glimpse of how it feels to be in the executioner’s chair when people choose to judge us, we might be a little less harsh.

It’s so easy to live someone else’s life for them.

Touché Cheryl, touché…almost my entire post...

Ian, wow, I haven’t heard anyone use a term closer to what we used to call an old co-worker, which was cum dumpster!!!!! Lmao…sorry, I digress…

Libby, even though you were suggesting the read to Michelle, I am stealing the idea b/c I’m always looking for a good book. Thanks for that.

Jin, as much as you may want to, PLEASE do yourself a favor and save yourself from the future pain, DON’T TRY IT!!!! Do what you will but please do YOURSELF a favor and watch a few HBO documentaries on junkies…it is THAT good that you will risk it all…avoid the pain and enjoy the circus from the tent (if that makes any sense).

Take it for what you will…
bella lugosi

Anonymous said...

"Let her do her thing"

I have no problem with her doing her thing..unless that thing is manipulative and destructive to others. It is wrong to post made up shit to manipulate others and that is what she is doing when she tells tales of being HIV+, being locked in a trailer, pregnant, etc. People spend time trying to help, often opening up to the world about their own issues, while she is likely gloating in all the attention she's getting. I have to say I'm surprised at how junkies who are some of the best bullshitters around, fall for her tales that are so easily seen through if you think about it for a minute. She often contradicts herself within days without realizing it.

ian said...

dude your crazy, junkies lie. plain and simple. thats part of being a junky. you have to take everything with a grain of salt.
and so what if its false, its good writing and im sure there is some truth to it. why are you the judge of what she can and cannot say on *her* blog.

I have never once seen a thread or anything here where she said something about almost killing her son because she was filling her crack pipe, must have missed that...and no i am not blindly beleiveing whatever she types. i read and take it in. she has similar addictions to mine but is in way worse shape. i have a roof over my head, a bed, a real job, and do not sell myself, so i love to read what it could be like if things got worse which they certainly can in any addiction. the girl needs reinforcement and something to feel good about because obviously she is going through some tough times, so why not instead of bashing her leave a nice comment or just dont say shit at all. and to say imbeing nice to get laid is totally off line man. i live hundreds of miles away so go away with your petty bullshit uness you want to offer some words to encourage someone, brighten someones day for a change.

or jst keep hiding behing anyomous and being a dickhead,

Anonymous said...

Didn't all the shit talking stop her from posting on JL???? I think she is a talented writer, and I for one have enjoyed reading her story.

Shut up, read, and enjoy her posts for what they are. If you don't like it don't read it.

Go spend your 5 min jacking your dick, or do some push ups, or smack around your little sister....

Eerased or Desaree said...

Hey Shelley,
I stopped reading these comments half way through. NOBODY has said you are not welcome on opy, in fact we are all behind ya!! Who are we or anyone else to judge you!!

BTW we miss ya so you mind dropping by and saying high! THere is a thread going on called attention asshole find it and you'll see how many folks over there care!! We all do and so come hang with us!!

YOu should put an ignore thing to somehow ignore the pussys that dont have the balls to put there name!!


doherty said...

I just started reading this blog ... you are such a gifted writer, just wanted to say hello. I wish you the best.

jin said...



and people who need to scorn addicts are cowards.

how small you reveal yourself to be.

Isaac Wigglesworth said...

Jesus is great, he will solve all your problems, he is like smoking crack but you don't need a pipe.
Michelle likes to tell tales, she is good at it, in the old days she would have worked on the Good Book and been given a soft robe and a hairshirt, but no ipod.
Come to Christ! He is the Answer.
But make sure to avoid His Followers.
Just sayin'.
JC lives at a Rave In The Sky with Buddha, Allah, Krishna, Mickey Mouse and they are waiting for us to join Them in a great big hit of Joy that will take us all to Heaven.
Drugs are a weak substitute for learning how to be happy by loving yourself and your holy temple.
Bruce Jenner was very healthy but Jim Nabors was not.

Linda W said...

You can all bitch forever about how mean those anonymous guys were, but they spoke truth and maybe it's made Michelle think about how badly she's hurt her family with all these self-hating/worshipping posts.
But if she publishes their pictures, what did she expect?
Maybe at least the tough love from her brother has woken her up. You can thank those here who refused to congratulate her for hurting others. The worst thing here is all the rubberneckers who cheer her on for their own amusement.
It would serve you all right if she stopped posting and cleaned her life up. It would serve her rightest! If she thinks a good shot of H is nice, she should feel what it's like to wake up and know the day will be filled with friends, love and joy...without spending hundreds of dollars or turning tricks with filthy scumbags.
Good luck, Michelle, your writing is okay but I'd much rather see you get it together and be truly happy for a change, and thus stop supporting the coke and smack supply lines, which cause untold death and misery in Colombia, the Triangle, etc. Everytime you junkies shoot some H or smoke some crack or do a line, think of the kids who have died for your "fun". Have a nice buzz!
All drugs should be legal, but they're not, and that makes you complicit in ruining many more lives than just your own.
I was a serious addict and one day I looked in the mirror and realized what a waste my life was, all about me me me, no love or time for anyone else. It took a while and lots of ugly wd's, but I kicked it and am now almost a decade clean, with a loving family and nothing but hope and happiness for the future. I EARNED that by learning how to be happy, which means healthy, which means eating well and exercising and loving life and everyone I meet.
I'm sure some of you are laughing at that, but I'm laughing sadly at the hundred dollars you'll stick in your veins today just to blot out the relaity of what you've made of your lives.
What YOU have made of it; no matter who did what to you, today it's YOUR choice to be well or be adicted.
I didn't need a 12-step or any of that shit, either. I toughed it out and felt so strong because of it.
ANYBODY can do it. It just takes courage. Shelley has that courage, and I hope she's using it right now.
Stop blaming the world for your ills, people, and make your own lives good.
Good luck, Michelle.

Anonymous said...

"The worst thing here is all the rubberneckers who cheer her on for their own amusement."

Well said. Just as sickening are the ones that post how pretty she is. Or the guys from opio who say how great she is yet bring her drugs in exchange for sex ---Betyourlife.

Anonymous said...

"An opinion is like an asshole, everybody has one."

- great quote, don't know who by.

bella lugosi

Anonymous said...

All you haters out there who come on this Blog to say, she is a lier and she is this and that and to bash Michell are morons.. This is HER blog and she can say whatever the hell she wants to say, if you don't like it or think she is lying, you know what, DONT FUCKING READ IT ASSHOLE!! Get a life, what do you care what she does and puts on HER BLOG?? Get a life losers..
Hang in there Michelle, Fuck these assholes..

Boston Joe

Anonymous said...

"Get a life, what do you care what she does and puts on HER BLOG?? Get a life losers.."

It isn't just what she wrote on her blog, dipshit.

If you make claims on an open forum, (involving child neglect, and substance abuse while pregnant) people ARE going to take notice. Period.

And if they barely gave those particular topics a second thought, ((*ahemcoughcough*)) well... that would make them a shitty person, now wouldn't it?

Some of the comments were pretty harsh, that's true - and I don't agree with that.
However, if you hint at child abuse/neglect whether fictional or not.. people WILL notice that... even addicts.

It doesn't matter anyways, the whole thing that sparked all this reproach in the first place, turned out not to be factual.

I truly wish Michelle the best, and hope that if she does get pregnant some day, she finds the strength to get clean and healthy... and tackle whatever issues she has.
I used for 17 years, have been clean for a year, spending the last year in therapy dealing with mine. While excrutiatingly difficult, it is doable. And extremely worth it.

Good luck, Michelle.
- Kristina

Anonymous said...

"This is HER blog and she can say whatever the hell she wants to say, if you don't like it or think she is lying, you know what, DONT FUCKING READ IT ASSHOLE!!"

She didn't just post lies to her blog ASSHOLE. She posted to a forum asking for advice on being kidnapped and held against her will, having HIV, being pregnant, and various other things- none of which were true. People spent time trying to help her. That's wrong.

sKILLz said...

Wow homie I just stopped in to see what was up with you and then I see all this BULLSHIT.
If you ask me I think most of the "anonymous" posts are by this troll:

Yo Big Bro Good Lookin on sticking up for your sister. I mean not that she should give 2shits what anyone thinks about her. Mainly a troll who hide behind a computer screen and a troll whos this fucking UGLY!

Anonymous said...

"we were sitting up at our campsite (our spot by the intercoastal where we park the truck and sleep in the camper) ...."

"Today I woke up and immediately started smoking pot. Not sure why, it just worked out that way. Went to Greg's house this morning and took a shower."

Why don't you sleep in the house?

The Big Bro..."Greg. She gives a lot of damn money to him, because he's always broke. This I know for a fact"

What's up Big Bro?

Greg has a camper, a house plus your sister money.

There is not a full grip of reality going on here.

Wake up Big Bro !

Anonymous said...

Theres a bunch of wimp pussies postin here. I know this is old.. but the original poster is cool. Her bf taht couldnt count to 6 sucked ass.