Saturday, January 19, 2008

if he wasn't, I'd never have a ride

The great debate continues! "Michelle is nothing but a whore, blah blah blah shit-talking!" "No, I love reading her, blah blah blah props!" It entertains the shit outta me, really it does, I encourage the shit-talkers and the props-givers to continue to excercise their freedom of speech on my blog. I'm all excited every time I log on (bout twice a week) to read all the crap that has been posted. That being said, I gotta answer a couple things...

"The phone you found is bugged" I believe it! Good thing the battery died and I don't have a charger for it.

"Do you really think that Greg is real?" If he wasn't, I'd never have a ride although I'd have a lot more money. Actually that's not true- I'd spend ALL my money on dope if Greg were make-believe. So praise the lord for my Greggie.

Libby: "How on earth did you find that?" I had found it a whiles back. I typed my url into google to see if anyone had been talking about me and- bingo! You probably did bring traffic here, so I appreciate it.

"Seems to be exactly what blogs are here for: the open sharing of viewpoints and ideas." Damn skippy! That's why I don't delete any comments, even though I have the power to as the 'blog-master'.

Anyways, I was sitting on a bus-stop bench in front of my store, doing sudoku out of a puzzle book, when I hear my name being yelled from the parking lot. It was the liutenant (however that's spelled) and he was all sorts of pissed off. The following is what went down between us (more or less):

Lt: Michelle! Get over here right now!
me: What's up?
Lt: Get the fuck out of my city right now!
me: Okay. [start to walk north into the bordering city]
Lt: [yells something I can't hear] Oh, you're a dead bitch! [pulls up in front of me] Don't you ever fucking walk away from me!
me: I thought you told me to get the fuck out of your city?
Lt: No, I told you to get over here!
me: I can't do both at once, you know.
Lt: Don't fuck with me! Where's your stem? ["stem" means crackpipe, for those of you who don't know]
me: I don't have one.
Lt: Yeah, bullshit. Put your hands out! You're under arrest!
me: For what?
Lt: Because I felt like it!
me: Is that gonna be on the police report?

Okay, okay, I'll admit I didn't say that last line. He did say "because I felt like it", that I didn't make up. But I didn't ask him if it was gonna be on the police report, although I had to bite my lip to keep that line from tumbling out of my mouth. Truth is, I wouldn't have been able to say it with a straight face and if I had mouthed off and laughed at him, I'd be in jail right now. This is not a cop to fuck with. Anyways, he told me not to come in his town again, blah blah blah. I don't know what struck me so humorous about the whole exchange, I thought it was great though. Maybe I wouldn't have thought it was so great if he actually had arrested me "because he felt like it." Guess that would stop the laughter.
Would you like to be against THIS guy in a court of law? Thought not. He's a fucking community hero!

God damn I am stoned.


artie blackmon said...

I hadto be the first one to say something. I cant beleve you know that cop he is the resoan i cant go into lake worthless ;) call me baby you know where im at

taxitalk said...

I bet you got some nice weather where you're at, when cops tell people to walk out of my city they end up frozen on the side of the road, hey have you ever seen Rambo hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Michelle said...
I'm glad to see all the bullspit-talkers from my spot have left you alone finally. You should check me out though, I get like 30 comments a day just people talking to each other about me. Gives me warm fuzzies.

Love ya baby brother

January 19, 2008 1:28 PM

You are fucking pitiable. I went to check Luke’s blog and, right there you left this pathetic comment talking about your shitty blog. Not a single word about his writting.
Who cares about you in his blog.

In your crappy stupid comment, you are screaming for attention, like a child. You are so pathetic.

I really admire him for his writing ability and, especially for not mention his Jerry Springer stile sister in his blog.

Anonymous said...

God, you are a fucking idjit.

Anonymous said...

I think it's the same person that keeps leaving comments, and I really think you need to go find a hobby or possibly a vibrator.

Seriously, the point was and has been made 30 posts ago.

Anonymous said...

You are like the wacked out crack whores on cops that the police constantly have to deal with. Some people look at people like you with pity and others with disgust thinking you are less than human. Sad that you think it's something to brag about.

Anonymous said...

Enough with the shit talking.


Anonymous said...

Greg is real. I have seen him. I was 'staying' somewhere michelle was. He came to pick her up. I even saw the famous camper.

Anonymous said...

Greg is real. I saw him pick Michelle up from a place we were both 'staying' last march. I even saw the famous camper.

Anonymous said...

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Michelle said...

Ewwww gross