Sunday, March 14, 2010

rich people food

So, this guy's ex girlfriend is completely insane. But more than just insane. I can also add the following descriptive adjectives: stupid, immature, mean, petty, jealous, fat, ugly, spiteful, malevolent (that one she probably wouldn't understand), rude, cowardly, a liar, full of shit, stupid, throws temper tantrums like a toddler, inattentive as a mother, fat, compulsive eater, dirty, smelly, never cleans, STUPID, IMMATURE, middle school mentality, cop-caller, and more than anything else a LIAR. I was gonna write a list of offenses, both large and small, that this little girl (21 years old) has committed in the time that I've known her. Keep in mind that not all of these things are that bad on their own, but they do put together a personality profile that is quite unflattering:

-She lies constantly- about small things that don't matter (such as her daughter walked at 8 months and that she went to the emergency room for a rash), about bizarre things in an attempt for sympathy (such as she got into a car accident and hurt a newborn baby out of her car seat, and that she has severe scoliosis), and damaging lies about other people (those will be listed seperately).
-She types her name like this M3L!SSA!!
-She has a new "love of her life with him forever" ever couple of weeks or so (they always dump her every couple of weeks is why).
-She dated a Jewish guy who was basically Jamie Kennedy's character from Malibu's Most Wanted (I called him B-Rad, he actually would snap his fingers in the air and yell "daaaaaaaaamn nigga dat's mah jam!" when the new T-Pain or whatever song came on top 40 radio).
-She called the police on her other ex (the one I am sorta kinda with now) for beating her, which he never did.
-She told a friend's boyfriend that the friend had been sucking a black dude's dick in the back seat of a car, causing boyfriend to break up with her since boyfriend had never met M3L!SSA! and had no way of knowing how incredibly full of shit she is.
-She constantly text messages and talks to guys on myspace instead of watching her 2-year-old daughter, and then makes empty threats to slap her and put her to bed when she demands attention.
-She is fat (5'1 over 200 pounds), eats nothing but junk food, and is ugly.
-She never cleans her house (her live Christmas tree finally went out in March) and it smells awful in there, also doesn't take much of a shower.
-She is loud and annoying.
-She is stupid and has absolutely no depth to her.
-She accused my brother of buying stolen pills (the pills were never stolen)
-she txt b0mbz me all dae wit txt msgz tht l00k lyk thys
-She throws temper tantrums like a 4-year-old.
-She calls the police on anyone who says anything to her.
-She called my daughter fat, stupid, and ugly on text messages but is too cowardly to say anything to my face.
-She is delusional to the point where seeing her ex in the mall (he didn't see her) means that the two of them must be getting back together.
-She is desperate for a man, and desperation is ugly.
-She makes the lip-pursed dick sucking fish face in all of her myspace photos, which are mostly taken in the bathroom.
-She threatened to call the police and DCF on me for stealing pills (the ones I supposedly sold to my brother) and shooting heroin, stating that "the cops will believe me when they see your tracks."
-She comes into my house, eats all my food, leaves the dirty dishes laying out, leaves my kid's food laying out because her kid won't eat anything but McDonalds and when her kid says no she won't bother to put the food away and it goes bad, and then gets on my laptop and makes me watch both kids.
-She makes little comments about how fat my daughter is (the pot calling the kettle black, at least my kid is fat from blueberries and multi-grain bagels instead of Oreos and Happy Meals).
-She sends her mom (who is just as crazy as she is) to my house at 1030pm screaming about stolen pills.
-She drives unsafely and doesn't buckle her toddler into a car seat ever.
-She takes one sip of one beer and uses it as an excuse to act like a piece of shit all night because "I'M SOOOO DRUNK!!!!!"
-She pretends to do drugs to look cool in front of people.
-She threatened to get my daughter taken away over lies.
-She sends text messages revealing her hand: "if you keep messing with oz i will call dcf and tell them you're shooting heroin" and "see jon again and i'll call the cops". Incriminating evidence, anyone?
-She showed up at my house at 1130pm asking "is oz there?" banging on my door.

There is tons more, but that's enough for now. Threatening my daughter was her biggest mistake, because I don't fuck around when it comes to baby Jasmyne. I did something that I've never done before- I went to the police. With all the threats (on text message, easily provable) about false reports to DCF, I wanted to have it written down in an official report so that anything she says to DCF will immediately be colored as the lie that it is. I went to the police station and filed a report for verbal harassment and threats of false allegations to authorities. Did you know that filing a fictional abuse report is a felony? Long story short, we now have a no-contact order and cannot see each other, call or text. I won't shed a tear over that tragedy. Sucks that our kids can't hang out, but that crazy ass little girl (I mean the mother, not the baby, I would never talk shit about a baby because I'm not like her) is just too fucking much to deal with.

So yesterday, after the police station, I went to my school to work at this:
It was an enormously overly fancy wine and food gala to benefit Haiti relief. I know, I know, what a hypocrite. I don't give a flying rat's ass about Haiti, but what fun it was! Being the students, we were just waiters and wine pourers and table busers and plate prep. But the money was good, the people were good, I had such a great time and it was a good learning/networking opportunity. I do have a stomachache from all the rich people food, and it was also funny to see how sloshed the rich folks got off the overpriced bottles of prize-winning wine.


Anonymous said...

Give it a break, Michelle;
Now what about my right to see my daughter or has that been taken away, which you once told me that you don't play those games.

I do not go where I am not welcome, and you and your family made it perfectly clear!

Your father would not let me pass the foyer,You mother asked me what I was doing there, you brother started calling the police, and you were ready to physically wail on me. For what, because I was concerned about Jazzy after 12:00, when you were all still wide awake.

In fact, your brother was swearing at me and hung up the phone, just pryer to me heading over to your house(for what I do not know and don't particularly care), when I called to check up on you and Jazzy.

I am man enough to say when I am wrong, now what about you people.

Now you know why I didn't call or write, I was with you for over three years, through thick and thin, ups and downs, addict,recovery, preganacy, birth, after birth and I stuck by you.

And You believe everything was my fault and now you can not even address this issue with me, I believe I have had enough.

I will call you when you need me! Delete

Michelle said...

Come on dude, let me have my life. We were together for two years, and now we aren't.

Anonymous said...

grow up anonymous!

Anonymous said...

That girl sounds like hell!!

But have you seen images or read about what is happening in Haiti? Haitians are real people, like you and I. I hope you're just joking when you say you don't give a rats about them. There are little babies just like Jazzy over there suffering right now, just because of where they were born in this fucked up world.

You can still be hard-core and have empathy.

Anonymous said...

Good brief and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you seeking your information.

Anonymous said...

O.K. Gorgeous,
How does Saturday sound to you for us to get together(me, you, and Jazzy).
Although you don't owe me a well prepared meal becuase of all the one I prepared for you, mainly becuase of all the one you brought me, but it would be nice.
Yes, it was maybe two years we were together, but over three years since I have met you.
Leave your brother at home, although he maybe scholarly, he is dummer than a box of rocks when it comes to common sense.
Yes I know that we are not dating, that you are a beautiful single women and that you have more boyfriends than most, nothing wrong with this, that's your prerogative.
I will write more later, but I have to get back to my studies, for I am behind with them! !
Visit Me!!

Michelle said...


Anonymous said...

You are telling me that you are not going to let me see Jazzy!!

I hope that you reconsider this, by refussing, you are indicating that something is wrong. And that would not be good

So why are you refusing to let me see my daughter, after making a promise that you would never play games like this with Jazzy and me???

Your parents also made this promise to me, when Jazzy was released from the hospital, that they would not play any games like this.

Greg Who said...

Hey Gorgeous, I Know that your family is involved in the tea party movement. You probably have notes writen all over your hands.

I am thinking of joining the coffee movement?

If you get a chance, to visit me (two comments back); watch the slideshow video at Miami City Hall. I really did give that speech to the commissionors. The city newspapers would have a record of all the stuff on the slideshow.

Anyway, What do you think about me joining the coffee party?

Greg said...

Your right Michelle, it would not be a good idea for me to see Jazzy. Have a good life, call me if you need me.

sKILLz said...

HOLY FUCK this bitch sounds like a REAL fucking NUT CASE. A certified 730/5150!

If I were you I wouldn't even fucking bother. Straight up. I would ignore her as much as possible and maybe just maybe she will go away.
WTF is up with those text messages? Those alone would annoy the SHIT out of me.
Then the list that seemed to keep going on and on, OMFG I would dead this bitch asap!

I'm sorry if I missed it but what is the tie between you both? Do you need this bitch in your life? Is she going out with family or something where you HAVE to have contact with her?

Stay Up!

Greg said...

The Republicans better start helping in creating positive legislation for the American People !

The party of No! is going to be the same party, that the American people, will say no to in November.

Greg said...

Who are these tea party people, whom feel they have the right to spit on someone and call congressmen vile names, because they are progressive or just have different opinions?

The term fanatic seems appropriate, similar to bin ladin.

Greg said...

Who are these tea party people, whom think that they can spit on people and call them vile names, because they have different opinions?

Fanatic seems appropriate, similar to bin ladin.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ.

Greg is trash.

K1tten said...

Oh please post a photo of this monster. I am dying to see what she looks like. :D