Monday, March 2, 2009

Got your money, gonna spend your money....

I don't care what anyone says, I think this monkey cartoon is fucking hilarious!


Anonymous said...

Get Your Money
What money?, Bush and his cronies either stole or outright gave it all away to thier family and friends. Remember the savings and loan debacle in the 1980's with Neil Bush. They have really honed their skills, bunch of crooks! ! !

So the money your talking about is now in the hands of the crook's that stole it and Obama is trying to get it back to the American people, God Bless America! ! !

Michelle, you promised me that you would print my picture of the biglets, where is it, I will e-mail a new one, if needed.

Give Jasmyne a kiss from me and lov ya, Greg

Michelle said...

The first pic was supposed to move so that Obama and company were dancing in the car. Lame.

Call Me Jake said...

Ironic how the cracker likes to listen to Little Wayne.

Michelle said...

He's not "Little Wayne" he's "Li'l Wayne" and I loooooove Weezy BAYbee!

Anonymous said...

Shelley, if you want the .gif to move, save the original to photobucket and include the html, I believe. You can find instructions online for Blogger.

And, I'm pretty sure it's Lil' or just plain Lil Wayne, but whatevs. I'm not even really a fan.

I like that Jake is coming out of his shell. lol :-P

Call Me Jake said...

No, it's "Little". "L'il" is not a word. Just because some garbage comes out of a persons mouth doesn't make it a word. (For complete proof, see anything having to do with ebonics).

And I refuse to encourage ignorant dumbasses in making up their own words.

And Greg, bless your little heart, simply regurgitating things you've heard doesn't make you intelligent. The S&L "debacle" in the 80's was a direct result of caps being lifted on intrest rates and the amounts insured per account to $100,000. (A signigicant amount in those days). And which administration thought this a good idea? That would be Jimmy "Ignore my brother Billy" Carter and HIS cronies, all Democrats.

It always amazes me how much power people think the President actually wields. As if the checks and balances are no longer in effect. As if the President wakes up one day and gets tired of his G.I. Joes so he decides it's a good idea to invade Iraq. As if ANYTHING that's happened to this country in the last 8 years is simply because Bush got some wild hair up his ass.

Neither our economy, nor or government works that way.

Anonymous said...

of course you think it's funny, you're an uneducated, ridiculous bigot; a bigot who thinks just because she thinks it's okay to slang pussy for money, that it's indefinitely okay across the board. it's not. you're a whore (albeit, semi-retired) who shit out a kid so she could stop sucking and fucking for dope. congratulations, you've fucked your way to mediocre!

Anonymous said...

To Jake,
It's clear that you are a republican, and as such, your memory is bad but your spin action is on top of things.

The S&L debacle was under the Reagan administration and guess who was V.P...

The banks' told the people that their money was insured. What they forgot to tell them was, that those same banks owned the insurance companies(the money was not federally insured, deregulation). So when the banks went under, so did their guaranty to the Americans, whom lost everything!!!!!!

And then their was the Keating Five, 5 republican senaters', whom lobbied the congress not to get involved until much money could be stolen from the American people!!!

And can you tell me whom was one of the five senators, yes, non other than John Macane or how ever you spell his name.

Call Me Jake said...

Wow. Anon, your ignorance is almost amusing.

You fail to see the difference between actions and consequence.

Even a quick wiki turns up this….

“In the 1970s, many banks, but more particularly S&Ls, were experiencing a significant outflow from low-interest rate deposits, as interest rates were driven up by the high inflation rate of the late 1970s and as depositors moved their money to the new high-interest money funds. At the same time, the institutions had much of their money tied up in long-term mortgage loans at fixed interest rates, and with market rates rising, these were worth far less than face value. That is, to sell a 5 percent mortgage to pay requests from depositors for their funds in a market asking 10 percent, a savings and loan would have to discount its asking price on the mortgage. This meant that the value of these loans, which were the institutions assets, was less than the deposits used to make them, and the savings and loan's net worth was being eroded…..Late in the administration of President Jimmy Carter, caps were lifted on rates and the amounts insured per account to $100,000. In addition to raising the amounts covered by insurance, the amount of the accounts that would be repaid was increased from 70 percent to 100 percent.... Carter left office in January 1981, a year in which 3,300 out of 3,800 S&Ls lost money…In 1982 under Ronald Reagan, the combined tangible net capital of the industry was $4 billion.”

I’m not a republican, and I’m not a democrat. I think this whole country pretty much sucks.

But, as Shelley will most certainly agree, I will call a dumbass a dumbass.

And you are a dumbass.

Anonymous said...

doesn't a nice big fat shot of dope sound nice right about now shelly?

Please go back on the smack. you were so much more fun to read then.

Anonymous said...

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I think you should maybe update your Friendster profile...


Anonymous said...

goodbye all, thanks for the memories. Have a great summer and I will see you in the fall, if I can still see. -lefty

Anonymous said...

"here is da script:
"hey man, i got shit on the way and i really need a rig
if you get me a clean or rinsed one now, i'll hook you up when i get my shit
but you can't be here when dude gets here, cuz he doesn't like strangers"

then of course, you "passed out after doing your shot"
and that's why you didn't call to hook him up
but you'll get him next time, yo."

Obviously you haven't changed at all. You're the same ole whore putting on a new scam to collect money over the internet cause you "changed." Before donating I'd suggest everyone check out Shelly's actions on opiophile and other drug boards where her true elf comes out.

Michelle said...

A scam to collect money? That was a suggested scam to a total stranger on how to get a needle without having to pay in dope. Context, motherfucker!


Anonymous said...

for once, the ignorant whore is correct, she was advising someone else.

you must piss a lot of people off if they can take something that out of context.

Michelle said...

It's kind of funny, I piss folks off by writing on my blog about my life. Imagine how bored these dicks must be to follow a total stranger all around the internet, quoting out of context, trying to make me look bad! I didn't realize that the fact that someone they will never meet smokes weed and takes care of their baby was such a fucking OFFENSE until I began writing here! Oh well, I'm not changing for these douchebags.

sHeLLeY <---- forever

Anonymous said...

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