Friday, July 6, 2007

our daily thunderstorm

Happy birthday to me! Now I'm 22 years old.

Just checking in after being gone a while. My dope habit is better than it has been, but it's still there keeping me in check. Yesterday I was sicker than I've been in a while, and none of my 4 dealers felt like answering their phone. Out for the weekend, bitch ass dealer? At least answer the phone and let me know so I don't continue to dial your number for the next few hours and burst into tears when I get your answering machine.

I left detox and moved in with a male roomie. He payed half the rent and drove me around all the time. Last night he got arrested taking his chica on a crack run, and he doesn't even smoke. Got pulled over for only having one headlight and found a warrant for a failure to appear. I checked police blotter and found out that no, they didn't do a process and release and yes, they did take him upstairs. I might have to find myself a new roomate/ride around the city.

Shane is staying with me. He doesn't have a heroin habit so when I throw him a bag he gets twisted. Jealousy jealousy. Greg hates that Shane is living with me. More jealousy. Truth is, I am sleeping with him. But so what? He doesn't have to know that. He doesn't even know about this blog. Har!

Went to Miami Beach for the fourth, it was pretty uneventful. I didn't bring enough h with me so I was sick as a dog pretty much from the time the sun went down on. We watched a movie, which I continued to say seemed like we had walked in right in the middle. After watching most of it, my cousin read the DVD box where it clearly stated: "Disc Two". I asked if we could watch Disc One next time I came over.

Been smoking tons of pot lately, mostly because of my room mate (Joe) is a major smoker. Been off the coke though, with a few exceptions. The weather sucks here in south Florida in the summer- hotter than hell all day and all night except in the afternoon, when we get our daily thunderstorm. It's pouring right now. Don't know what else to say really... except that I MISS BLOGGER AND OPIOPHILE!!! I wish I had a laptop or something.

Until next time.


Joe said...

Hey your blog.. My name is Joe and I am from Boston. I myself have been strugglin with my habit.. Have been on Suboxone for a while, you should totally check it out and try to get some. It is cool becuase if you are sick you pop one and you are like completely fine for 24 hours. only thing that sucks is you also can't use for that 24 hours or it won't work.. oh well, such is life right!! hahaha!! Hope everything works out for ya.. I will be reading up! hahaha!

Michelle said...

I tried Suboxone- it refused to get me well. I put it under my tongue when I was near-death sick and waited 30 minutes. No improvement. Tried another one, waited 30 more minutes. No fucking improvement!! So I said fuck it and went to see the dope girl. Shot up 2 bags- no improvement. Not only did the Suboxone not get me well, but it kept the dope from getting me well. I had to wait 9 hellish hours tossing and turning in my freezing yet sweat-soaked bed before I did a shot that fixed me up. I think the worst feeling on the planet is being at home, being dopesick, having dope, having all the equipment, and not being able to get straight. Fuck Suboxone! It's one of the worst drugs I've ever taken, right up there with psilocybin mushrooms. Thanks for the advice anyways though!