Sunday, April 15, 2007

a shot in the butt

I am sicker than sick.

About 2-3 weeks ago, I started noticing that I was peeing a whole lot more and that it burned like hell. Then my lower back and my stomach started hurting, getting worse every day and I didn't say anything to anybody until it got too unbearable, where I couldn't even get out of bed it was so bad. Why? Because I fucking hate doctors. They order blood tests done by vampires, filling up 4 or 5 tubes of blood at a time. They want to poke you 100 times and ask "does this hurt?" while it hurts so bad I that the only answer I could manage is tears running down my cheeks and every muscle clenched. The doctor actually wants me to set an appointment at the surgical center where they are gonna dope me up, stick a camera down my throat, and fixing whatever is wrong down here. So, I have a bleeding ulcer.

But that's not all! I told him about the back pain on my sides radiating to the front and they did some more stupid tests. The diagnosis? 2 bleeding ulcers, urinary tract infecction (UTI), and a kidney infection. They wanted to hospitalize me, but I refused. The only thing I hate worse than doctors are hospitals. So they gave me a shot in the butt of super duper antibiotics which actually got me high for the first 20 seconds or so. Finally, we leave the damn doctors office with a script for antibiotics that I just take by mouth.

So it was Friday night and I was too sick to go out. Hell, I was too sick to get up off the couch. I wouldn't even get up to smoke- nothing. I had a high fever and my sides and stomach felt like I was being stabbed over and over and over. I guess I missed out on payday, but I wouldn't have been able to work if I did go out there, no way in hell!

Saturday, on the other hand, I needed to go out. I was out of dope and I figure if I'm already sick, I don't want to be dopesick on top of everything else. So I went out to the east side and made $160 bucks, out of which I was "allowed" to keep $70 of it. That is the last time I give my money to him. I'm the one sucking dick, I'm the one walking in the sun or the rain, I'm the one risking my ass in an area where all the cops know me. All he does is drive me around. Why should he get a bigger cut than me? It's the end of that- from now on he gets $40 total no matter how much I make. If I had $120 and he had $40, I would have been able to get a deal for the hundred and stay home longer. But no! I'm starting to dislike him greatly. Shit, I can take the bus to Dixie and back. I don't need to be chouffered (still can't spell that word!) all over town. It's not worth losing over 50% when I'm sucking dick on the street and he's laying in the back of the truck living large. Fuck all that noise. Never again.

On a happier note, my antibiotics are kicking in and I'm starting to feel a lot better. On Friday night I wouldn't have been able to sit in a chair and look at a monitor for more than 1 minute. I can't even get to the blogger login page in 1 minute. Well, I'm going to some pancake hut with my folks for Sunday brunch. So I'm out. And I'm gonna try to post more often...

[[further down the spiral]]


'nique. said...

once again: "chauffeured".
oh and good luck on that "feeling better" thing.

Michelle said...

I'll have to remember that...

'nique. said...

hahaha I only comment when you butcher my language!
but really, I enjoy reading you.

Michelle said...

Sorry, I usually butcher my own language- it's the American way.