Thursday, March 29, 2007

damn near killed me

Better a short quick post than no post at all, right?

I'm going to Orlando this weekend, I'm actually leaving right now, with my mama. It's a reward for sticking through detox and not leaving. And of course, for staying clean. Hah. I did a bag yesterday, 1 1/2 bags actually. I was gonna do 2 but my expericenced eye saw how good the dope was, so I offered Shane to each to a bag and a half. Not like he's gonna say no to that, right? We only had one cooker and it was my shit so of course I had to go first. I hit on my first try, while he was still setting up his shot- damn near killed me. I could feel something cold and hard surrounding my body, turns out it was the floor I toppled onto. Shane was the one who got me up, took the rig out of my hand, walked me around the room, splashed me with cold water, etc. He hadn't even got to do his shot yet. That is a friend, and that is some really powerful heroin. Next round, I'm doing a half. My mom found the rest of it and flushed it, which isn't really a bad thing when you think about it. Greg took all my damn hooking money so I'll be broke this weekend. That fucker.

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