Saturday, March 24, 2007

not even dopesick

I'm baaaack...

I didn't take a vacation. I was at another detox. Woohoo for me, huh? Well I don't have much time to chill at my mama's house, my other blog is more descriptive this time cause I got shit to do and people to see but here's the main idea:

It was called The Watershed, right south of me in Boynton Beach. I got methadone and ativan to detox (mostly methadone). I didn't like it there. Greg picked me up. I shot dope and coke and smoked weed the yesterday, which was my discharge date. But I haven't done any today and it's past 4pm. And I'm not even dopesick in the slightest bit.

My mama wants to take me to Disney World.

I'm not dead!!!!!

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