Saturday, February 27, 2010

so excited!

The guy is getting out of jail tomorrow and coming to see me! I'm so excited! He sent me the sappiest card (late valentines day thing, ugh) and said he's coming over around noon.

Jasmyne put on one of my chef hats and ran around the house. I got pics, but my pic uploader is being silly so when I get em uploaded I'll post. Also some new pics of me, looking sexy and slim at 130 pounds :) I can even fit into my pre-baby size 6 jeans which is awesome.


Anonymous said...

Long time reader. How exciting for you! Looking forward to the pictures! What a long way you have come, you must be so proud.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gorgeous,

I had a veiw minutes to read a post or two of your blog. Sounds like you are doing great. If everything you say is true, then I am so god damn proud of you! ! !

I am also going to school (college)for computer programming, I love it, mid-term, I received two A's and a B, plus I am trying to bring my algebra up to college standard.

Jazzy looks awesome! !

Love ya

Anonymous said...

yo u bundles yo?