Monday, February 22, 2010

anyone can lie and cops are pricks

So, they switched our groups at school and I am now working with someone who doesn't know his asshole from his elbow. He couldn't even wash the dishes, just stacked em under the table and stood there while we attempted to make food. Lame. He's gonna drag down my average, and I'm almost at an A (89% at the moment). Tomorrow's quiz and my cilantro report/recipe should bring my score up to an A no question.

And yeah, I was catching a buzz off the hydromet. So? I'm out of it, and I'm still taking care of my business instead of going out to the hood to cop one more fix. All of that "addicts are addicts forever and can never use anything because one is too many and the drug causes all the compulsion to come back" crap is just crap. I can get high without acting like an asshole about it, I'm not some sort of diseased cripple. And btw I don't care what anyone was arrested for, anyone can lie and cops are pricks. I only care what people actually did. For example, if someone shot someone and then got arrested for pot, I'd avoid them way more than the person who got arrested for domestic violence without actually doing the crime. Living next door to an oxy addict? She's not an oxy addict, she's a liar who doesn't even do pills. It's just another layer of the facade.

Naomi- congrats to your sister for the new baby. They are so loud and obnoxious when they are born, no?

I miss my kid so much during the week, I only get to see her in the mornings and then I get home at 6pm and she goes to bed an hour and a half later. Fri-Sat-Sun is the only real quality time I get to spend with her, can't wait until the weekend.


Anonymous said...

You're a nice looking young female from a middle class family, and you're fairly intelligent. I realize that you're limited by the fact you went to a an unaccredited Christian lockdown school, but why don't you get yourself into a real GED program and go to school to use your talent for writing ?

And why settle for someone who's got a criminal record- whether you believe he did it or not ?

I'm glad you're doing well. Keep it up and take good care of yourself and the little one.


Cocaine Princess said...

"someone who doesn't know his a**hole from his elbow."

That is too funny!

Good luck on your cilantro test!

I've been looking at the pictures of Jasmine in the post below, she's so adorable and so getting big.