Sunday, May 10, 2009

not an update

I am out of town for a minute and will write when I return, since this is not my computer and I only asked to use it for "two or two and a half minutes." Time to play with baby girl anyway.


Naomi C. said...

Hope you and the baby are well. I am off to alcohol detox on Tuesday, where they will also swap me to subutex from methadone if I am mentally sound enough to (after all, this hospital is less than half a mile to the nearest train track where to date, 2 people killed themselves in the past 12 months). Don't think I will have any internet access.. I'm taking my laptop but doubt they will have wireless! I'll be thinking of you both when I am away and can't wait to read what you been up to when I get back. Things may not be as exciting as when you were a junkie living on your witts but I find it much more satisfying to read about you blossoming as a mother and seeing pictures of jaz growing up, contenter by the day. Take care, xxx

Sarah said...

Just wanted to say that I've been mesmerized by your blog. I linked here from a post of yours on a message board (of which I would totally be a member if the registration weren't closed!!!) and wasted away my son's entire nap time reading! Although I may not agree with your viewpoints on politics, racial issues, etc., I firmly believe in your right to feel, think, and write what you wish (this is America, right?!)

Anywho, thanks for the nap time entertainment...plan on reading more tomorrow. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, and Jaz is flippin' adorable! I have a 22 month old little boy...I'll tell him to look her up when she turns 18! LOL :)

Sarah said...

Well poo! Anonymous was me again haha

Lisa Rene said...

I totally agree with Sarah!

Naomi, I wish you well.

I am on day 3 or 4 or whatever of Suboxone. Again. I hate it. And Sarah I wish that message board was open toooooooo.

Come back Michelle, I need new reading material.!

Melody said...

Hey girl, hope you and Jaz are doing awesome, call me when you get a chance, you know how I Looooove to bullshit with ya.

Guess Who? said...

O.K., Michelle, Time to get off your lazy butt and tell us how your trip to walt disney was and some of the things that baby jaz is doing at the ripe old age of 8 months. I know you also have pictures, I am waiting! ! ! !~~~~