Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sweet Corn Fiesta pics (like I promised)


Anonymous said...

Don't you have any non-whore shorts you can wear?

Anonymous said...

Those are awesome!

You need to put some ads on here so you can make some $$.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you doing good. The haters are alive and kicking, nice to see. Chili and corn cook-offs are not redneck. I mean sure, rednecks do go, but I think it's a dirty south kind of thing. BBQ cook-offs are the best! Congrats on the trophy. I thought it was funny in the chili piccies, the guy really did look like the dead dude from Weekend at Bernie's!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, keep the pics coming! I think that is what really distinguishes the good blogs from the bad. MORE PICS!!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

It's kind of cute how you look surprised at winning an award. Your clothes are fine but when you want to change to maternity, Old Navy has some that look like regular clothes. Kohl's too if you look through their stuff.

Kyra said...

Wondering if you had a pictures of the Sweet corn Fashion show which showcased right before the competions.

taxitalk said...

you look so innocent I can't get over it, your blog is good with or without pics

Anonymous said...

Who would have thought, you, corn eating contest. You are full of surprises, arn't you???Loved it...I would never had had the guts to post this. You are so real..Good for you......

shaun said...

Sorry about this michelle. you can delete this.

But what the fuck does her shorts, her life, her choice of choices have anything to do with you motherfuckers.

Is your life so devoid of of life you must judge someone else. Dont give me that crap about taking up for the fetus. IT IS HER FUCKING FETUS. You probbaly do not have an original thought or set of values except what you can poach from philosophical illiterates like Jerry Fallwall or Oral Roberts.

I cannot fathom reading someones life experiences and then having the gall to criticize. Bunch of turds.


Anonymous said...

Do you own any clothes besides teeny tiny shorts and tanktops? you're cute but it makes you look so trashy

Anonymous said...

She lives in South FL where it is hot as hell for fucks sakes. This is not a fashion show.


Jake said...

“I cannot fathom reading someones life experiences and then having the gall to criticize. Bunch of turds.”

Well… why does one expose their entire life to the general public in the form of a blog? It’s because they want feedback.

If they didn’t want feedback, then it wouldn’t be public.

Do you really think Michelle or anybody else has the right to squash anybody else’s opinions in a public forum?

The same basic right that allows Michelle the ability to blog whatever she wants is given to same people who feel the need to criticize.

If she doesn’t like it, don’t put it out there for others to read.

And if YOU don't like it, then YOU don't have to read it. The same way that if someone doesn't like what Michelle writes, then THEY don't have to read it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jake

Personally, even though i like Michelles blog I don't really know her. I mean c'mon, she could really be a 80 year old granny in Liverpool freaking England, laughing her little wrinkled Liverpool ass off at us. BUT, what I do dislike is abuse of someones space with Shitty little anonymous comments. I just wanted to piss off the weak little anonymous.

Looks like it worked.


Thanks Jakey,

Sorry Michelle (or granny)


Shaun Clark
Durango Colorado

Anonymous said...


I was at Wal Mart today and I saw your exact pink and white shorts!

I was surprised that they actually have cute clothes.