Saturday, July 4, 2009

when's the last time a new tax helped YOU?

As if the new federal tobacco tax and ban on flavored tobacco and blunt-wraps wasn't enough of a pain in my ass, there is also a new state tax on cigarettes- an extra fucking dollar a pack. Jesus Harold Christ on a fucking rubber crutch. I paid $5.49 last night for a pack of Newports, and that really hurt. A year ago I bought 3 packs for 9 bucks. And if that store that I frequent is selling them for $5.49, that means the average asking price around here is up to around SEVEN BUCKS A PACK. It's disgusting. I'm gonna start rolling my own cigarettes, cause I don't want to quit smoking.

My brother thinks that stuff like new taxes on cigarettes and cap-and-trade (which will raise gas and utility prices) are what will keep Obama from getting re-elected. People can hear him on TV talking about compassion and hope and say "awesome!" and they won't know that the national debt just went up another 3 trillion dollars because it doesn't affect them. Once these folks are paying more for cigarettes and gas, they will take notice. Why is it so expensive now? Because there's a new tax. That hits them where they live because it's not just a number on a piece of paper, it's THEIR money being spent more quickly. And then every time they hear Obama spitting game on TV, their brains will filter right past the bullshit and all they will hear is, "there's a new tax." If something good can come of this and we can at least get rid of that stupid socialist elitist black asshole in the White House, then cool.

It's the Fourth of July which is awesome. We are going to the big tea party tonight at downtown which is awesome. It's gonna have all the people from the April 15th protest, plus all the people who just heard about it from their friends and family, plus all the people who are kicking themselves in the ass about missing the April one, plus all the curious people who want to see how big this movement really is, PLUS all the people who have gotten pissed the fuck off at Obongo since then. Tons of fun. Jazzie is gonna have so much fun, and just like last time I shall post pics.

My birthday is day after tommorrow, then in a couple weeks my brother is turning 21 which is just the bees' knees because once he can sit at a bar and hang out, we have a place to kill time where we're not getting bit by mosquitos.


Anonymous said...

hey shelley,

instead of repeating your parents opinions on the world it's time for you to develop your own opinions, i guess. I mean being a junkie (even a "stable, functional" one, that's on methadone) just doesn't fit together with your right-wing NRA-babbel...

Educate yourself instead of watching lame TV-shows that you hate yourself: go to the next library, get some books and start f**ing reading!
It may be hard at first, especially if you avoided the classic educational system by taking drugs, but if you have some brains you'll soon enjoy it. If not continue watching TV, just give it a try...

Greetings from europe !

PS: If you have some serious issues with books (as unfortunately many uneducated people have), try to inform yourself watching serious documentaries - not those made by and for right-wing NRA-white trash people....

Michelle said...

Repeating my parents opinions? Don't think they could agree with me less.

Being a stable junkie? I'm off methadone, off everything in fact, have been for months.

Right-wing? Sorry, libertarian here.

Classic education system? I went to private school and graduated at the top of my class.

Europe? Nice to know that I'm talking to a socialist so I can take my mental functioning down a level.

Serious issues with books? My first "adult" book was The Shining when I was 8 years old and I've been reading ever since, I'm a great reader. Why do you think I spell so well?

Serious documentaries? You mean Micheal Moore? *rolls eyes here*

Basically, learn something about me before judging me. I don't mind being judged for what I do or for what I believe, but I don't think too much of being judged for what I don't do and what I don't believe. You, who believes so strongly in education: learn something about the subject you are criticizing, or keep your mouth shut.

Greetings from a free country! :)


Anonymous said...

hey again,

okay there seem some points you indicated that i seem to have got wrong about you. I am happy that you like reading - it'll most probably make your child a reader and thus enable her educate herself.

On the other hand, you seem to get something wrong about me: there's no socialist commenting your blog, i'am in fact considering myself a libertarian myself, so you don't have to "lower your mental functions". Just thinking every eruopean is socialist is not only insulting it shows the plain stupidity and arrogance of americans. (I am sorry that i have to be that insulting, but that's what the whole world is thinking about you).

But you are absolutely right that it's not for me to judge anyone - in fact i wanted to write something like that in my first comment but i did'nt find the right words (english is not my mother's tongue) and my comment was already long enough, so I skipped that part.

Anyway, nice to have you response. Please open your Eyes: not every european is socialist, not every american has been taught to think independently (and thus cannot be called "free"). In fact the over-and-over repeating of America as a free country makes the impression of a lier who repeats a lie so often until he believes it himself. It may be contrary to american propaganda, but there are many free countries in Europe. Countries where needles (you call them "rigs", i guess) are given free to those who need them (thus significantly lowering HIV or Hepatitis infections), countries where there are more substitutes given out than methadone and subutex (there's morphin and even heroin in the more progressive countries) - that are just some examples that i think you might relate to. The list could go on and on.

In general, the gap between rich and poor is much smaller in europe than american proaganda makes you believe, thus we have a much more differantiated world-view. Of course im talking about the countries i know best, that is western europe here, i do not know much about the situation in the still developing ex-socialist countries (they are much more like america, in fact ;-))

I don't want to insult you, but you still do not make the impression of a very educated person. Even if you graduated "top of your class", what sort of school was that ?
High school ? As far as i am informed about american schooling systems that ends at the age of 17 or something ?!
What did you learn after that ?
And i would not consider Stephen King (he's the one who wrote "The Shining", did'nt he?) that educational, although i am sure you must have read books that are considered "educational" if you read as much as you indicated.

Anyway, my comment was'nt made to make you feel bad or stupid - i rather wanted to challenge you to a beautiful world full of colours, where "black and white" or "good or bad" are only the extremes of a much wider scale of impressions.

Greetings from a ... (oh fuck it, just greetings :-))

PS: i hope you already realized that theres's more than black and white in the world - in fact all the shades of grey are the norm. That's why europeans don't get along with Bush's "Axis of evil" - not because they are socialist, but because they are able to use their own eyes....

Michelle said...

Ah, I just made the "socialist" comment because you seemed to be pre-judging me so I threw one back.

No, Stephen King is not educational but I was 8 years old and it was the first novel I ever read. I read pretty much everything besides science fiction and high-fantasy stuff, I love horror novels and history books and biographies of historical figures I find interesting. I do not have any college, but that doesn't mean I didn't learn anything after high school. :)

Free needles for drug addicts? Free heroin rehab programs? That's a pretty socialist thing to do right there. Some states here in the USA have needle exchange programs that are privately funded and staffed (volunteers not govt money/employees) which are cool, but a real libertarian would be against all that taxpayer-funded dopefiend nonsense.

No, America isn't a free country really but it's one of the freer countries. I would not consider any of western Europe to be as free as America is- you guys can't even question the Holocaust without getting thrown in jail! You can't even pick your own doctors! As you say Americans are mostly arrogant, I say Europeans are mostly elitists (a generalization to be sure, but you work with what you got) thinking that their socialist system works better than the half socialist half capitalist mush that is American govt. We need to return to FREE UNRESTRICTED PROFIT DRIVEN CAPITALISM, y'all over there too.

No hard feelings, you speak more than one language while I speak one and a half (I know Spanish but not fluently) so you must be smart.

What do you call someone who speaks three languages?

What do you call someone who speaks two languages?

What do you call someone who speaks one language?
American :)


Anonymous said...

I'm embarrassed for you Michelle....

Anonymous said...

Hey Shelster-- While I would defend my right to say what you have said, although it is not something I would say, I am not so sure I would defend your right to say what you said, even if it were something I might say. I think that is something Aristotle once said, although maybe he only thought it. -lefty

Anonymous said...

Shelly do you receive WIC benefits or any other public hesitance from the State? Who pays your child's medicare? If so then you are a massive hypocrite. Your baby is darling, but I feel really bad that you are choosing to raise him in this way. No baby deserves to be raised to hate.

BTW Libertarian's are conservative/right wing. If you do not know that then you should not refer to yourself as such.

Anonymous said...

I always find it funny when people that are at "the bottom of the barrel" demand a return to "Pure, Profit Driven Capitalism", so ironic.

As an American who has been to Europe, I have to say you really have no idea what you are talking about. You are just as much of a "sheep" as those you rail against. You are literally spewing right wing garbage. You write like a fox news reporter

Most European countries are far more progressive then we are, especially when it comes to social issues. It makes you look moronic when you try to sit and compare what country is more "free" then the other.

"you guys can't even question the Holocaust without getting thrown in jail! "